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  1. I use the Hero Session 4 on my surf kayak, and beat the living snot out of it. Keeps on ticking.
  2. Sunrise makes everybody a decent photographer. Even me!
  3. Not possible. They had to remove components from the old hull and then destroy it. Plus, where and how I fish I would never trust a repaired rotomold hull. Being miles from shore in a cracked boat is no joke. For now I'm back in my Kaskazi. No biggie for me, since I have a whole fleet of kayaks. I just feel sorry for the poor guy who only has a Hobie. I would rather cut my arm off than be without a kayak for a month in the spring.
  4. This just gets better and better. Sarcasm! Last week Ramsey Outdoor told me my kayak would be delivered between 5/21 and 5/24.Today its as if the conversation never happened. They don't know when my kayak will arrive. They deny ever telling me it was supposed to be here this week. According to Hobie it won't even ship until June 6th. What a bunch of crap. Lesson learned. If you rely on a a Hobie kayak, as your ONLY kayak, you're a fool.
  5. Shark attacks, lightning, snake bites, boat collisions - those are things that grab headlines,but are actually extremely rare. If you want to worry, worry about heart attacks, cancer, strokes and car crashes. That's what gets most people. Just not very glamorous.
  6. For fishing use, I'm a big fan of the Olympus TGs. I've tried othe P&S waterproof cameras and it's the best. I've gotten soime great shots with it. I hang it around my neck so its always there.
  7. Adults are supposed to weigh 500-2.000 pounds.
  8. Ocean sunfish. Not something I run into every day.
  9. That was my load of choice for tree rats, at least in the 16 ga.
  10. I'm fortunate enough to have several kayaks, so I just switched to another one and went on fishing. But for the single kayak guy to lose his boat for weeks in the middle of the fishing season, that would totally suck.
  11. Wow. "Cadillac of the skies!" Great shot.