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  1. Great comparison!! Very accurate. IMO, the only other point is transport. Outback is much heavier to carry, but you can fit it in the bed of a pick-up. In surf, they are about the same.
  2. My buddy attaches his paddle leash to the kayak with bungee. He said he snaps it in surf a LOT less with the bungee. Worth a try.
  3. I am 5'8", 155 pounds, size 10 shoe. The medium in the GFER is perfect. Enough room for layers and 2 pairs of heavy socks, but not too loose without winter gear. Unlike Slappy, I use it a lot with minimal clothing underneath. And you can layer OVER the suit, like a neoprene jacket. Kokatat will make you a custom suit, although it is extra.
  4. Yeah, 6'6" might be pushing it. A lot of it is technique and what you are used to. Heck, I sometimes wish for a longer rod when I'm in my dinky 11-foot Revo, when a big fish is pulling straight down and theres a lot of bend in the rod. Getting around the bow can be tough no matter the length of the rod or the kayak.
  5. I have no problem using a 7-foot rod with a 16-foot boat. It is an adjustment, for sure. I do know it is more trouble landing fish with longer rods. More likely to high-stick. You might just want to hold off for a while and see if you can adapt.
  6. Yup. I find the chart based on length alone to be very accurate. Rare exceptions. Weights above the max are generally wishful thinking. Just look at the weigh-ins at any tackle shop, based on accurate length and weight. Usually at the lower end of the scale.
  7. Roger that. Thanks!
  8. Yup. Cheech is right. I actually made myself a few fleece ones. Super winter item.
  9. Like I said, the SA glass boats and the old Scupper have either a tankwell or a rear hatch. No reason to go forward. And if you can reach your crate without sitting sidesaddle, you can reach those. As far as money, the Caribbean you have is already $1,500, and there was a used, like-new, Kaskazi Dorado selling here recently for the exact same price. You even commented on the thread. Another was offered for $1,250, and not a nibble. So, it's all in what you want. I can't believe nobody here snapped those boats up. It's a shame.
  10. Ha! Gotta say, a bit hard to believe if you can't sit sidesaddle or access a front hatch. You better have a solid roll, because, if you ever fall out of your kayak, its game over.
  11. You need to get comfortable in that kayak. Crawl all over that thing and figure out what you can and can't get away with. I've seen guys like you on the water, afraid to wiggle. Frankie say relax!
  12. Holy crap! How old ARE you? lol Seriously, how do you plan to do a self rescue? That would worry me.
  13. Thanks guys! I will look for the vid from Scooby.