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  1. According to a Gallup poll on 7/21, it's clear that lines have been drawn and you guys can argue until you die of old age, yet will never agree. WHO TELLS THE TRUTH ABOUT IMPORTANT ISSUES? DEMS - News Media 86% REPUBS - Trump 75%
  2. Knee scooters are awesome. My BiL had one when he tore his achilles playing tennis. You can haul ass on one of those things. I almost had him convinced to build a half pipe coming off his back deck stairs. Then his drugs wore off.
  3. Yes, please report back. The grizzlies around here are such a nuisance.
  4. RTIC 20 - $134.99 This is looking better and better.
  5. I stand corrected. I guess I'm just too cheap to spend $189, but I'm being swayed by necessity.
  6. I just looked at the Ozark Trail knockoff. Probably a piece of junk. This caught my eye: "Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee and certified bear-resistant.
  7. Thanks for the offer I've got too many coolers already. But I need a good small cooler a couple times a year. I have plenty of time to find an alternative. I'll keep an eye out for sales and report back.
  8. Rtic doesn't look much cheaper than Yeti
  9. My drink cooler was devoid of ice within 24 hours of sitting in the bow. I now see the value of a fancy cooler. I will be doing some research on small coolers this winter. I don't think I would ever be able to talk myself into buying a yeti.
  10. My pets have had some good scraps lately. The dog likes fish more than the cats. The little cat loves london broil.
  11. Why you so sleepy?
  12. Making a little rosefish ceviche in a few minutes.
  13. We had hake last night too. I took the big cast iron pan out to the gasser and fired up the side burner. A little brown butter, salt, pepper, garnished with lemon and fresh dill. Going to brine up some big tile pieces for the smoker tomorrow.