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  1. The most blood I've ever seen came from my nose when the doctor pulled the packing out after laser sinus roto-rootering. Feel better Hank.
  2. Please don't dominate the rap Jack If you got nothing new to say
  3. Talked to my youngest on the phone last night. She's not coming home for summer break. She's staying in Texas and having a blast. She called me from Vegas. She was at a weekend music festival. Nice life
  4. Thank god our kids are smarter and better looking than we are.
  5. I went elsewhere and avoided the greenery. This bass is headed for the smoker.
  6. It took me 3 casts early this morning
  7. This /\ On some plugs I put the belly weight a little south of center, towards the tail.
  8. Sparky has been doing side-work and bass fishing at night. I'll go sea bass fishing once to fill the pail. Then it's fluking for me.
  9. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  10. Hey. That research microbiologist is married to my sister. srsly.
  11. My neighbors gave me a $100 gifty to Tao Massage in Asbury Park for clearing their driveways with my snowblower this past winter. I had a discectomy 18 months ago and my back hurts every damn day. I could probably benefit greatly from a massage. But I feel funny about going for a massage. Especially in Asbury. Thoughts ?
  12. New Dick's opening in West Long Branch (old Sports Authority location) in a few weeks. Not a big fan, but it will be nice to be able to bundle some gulp and pick up a spool of 4lb test for my ultralights. If this was already covered in the past 50 pages, my apologies Got blanked last night. 1 swing and a miss.
  13. That fish pulled Octo right out of his velcro sneakers.