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  1. Fergie took a big risk and pulled it off. She went for great rendition instead of a good one.... Rosanne took a risk and it blew up in her face haha...
  2. I was surprised. I had no idea that Fergie was so talented.
  3. Nope. Trump hasn't banged anyone in the WH....
  4. ...and that guy got sh-canned. A loose cannon on the deck....
  5. But....Hillary But...Obama Really??
  6. A bold faced violation of campaign law is not hard to see. Determining someone's "intent" to obstruct justice with an otherwise legal action is not so clear cut... Mueller seems to be saying that there was at least some degree of "unwitting" involvement by the Trump Unwits in the Russian attack on our election...and that is a crime even if they didn't know better.
  7. Ignorance of the law is not a valid legal defense. Mueller has left all the doors open regarding future indictments And he delivered a very clever left handed slap in the face to the Trump Unwits....
  8. Mueller did not say that the Trump Unwits did not cooperate with the Ruskies. He just said that the Unwits were not smart enough to know what was happening.
  9. Seems like the 400 pound guy slipped thru the cracks...
  10. We have halfwits,dimwits and now...ahemmmm....UNWITS!.... Amnesty for the UNWITS haha And ummmmm... "but Bernie"?? Really??
  11. Unwits... Buncha unwits.... Perfect.....
  12. Stormy was really tight lipped (haha) about banging Don John when she came on the talk show a couple weeks ago. Seemed like she signed a "refresher" NDA and got a second payoff about that time...ie right before the show. And now it looks like she has received a 3rd payoff and has agreed to a new NDA coordinated with Cohen's obvious misrepresentation of who made the $130K payment and the resulting invalidation of the earlier NDA agreements. Gal is cleaning up (haha).... The Trump folks don't care what Stormy says about the "textbook, generic sex" at this point.Its all about hiding an illegal payment.
  13. Defense Secretary James Mattis said he didn’t believe Russia had any control over the attackers and also the U.S. could not determine the nationalities of the group. Russia denies having personnel in the area.
  14. Nice tribute to Duane and Janis...
  15. Trump isn't Hitler.Putin is Hitler. Trump believes that an alliance with Putin will make him more powerful. Kinda like the European leaders that trusted Hitler.