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  1. I won in 2009 Chief....glory days lol No Glubs in that one Page 157 if you are interested, kinda fun to look at the old threads Interesting comment made by Bob in that thread... "I don't like the idea of non-member family and friends playing"
  2. I can feel his spirit everytime I go out there.
  3. Congrats on the soon arriving Grandchild MA....Boys are great, Girls are great...its a win win! Weather looks good this weekend, nice time to see AI for sure.Maybe squeeze in a little fishing for "Grandpa"
  4. Chief, this time the pool did not look like what Bob described as a "game of skill and luck" at all.There is a big sense of loss involved in that for me..The pools are great fun. The "winner" picked 3 losing teams in 6 weeks.Skill?Luck? GBB was the only player with no losses next to his name after week 5.He was skillful and lucky and almost overcame the 4 to 1 disadvantage that he started with.In my mind Blue was the winner. I'm not criticizing anyone....only saying that there is a very problematic loophole in our rules. BTW...I did win one year and gladly took the money...I don't know if Glub had 2 picks that time and never really thought about the impact that multiple picks could have on our pools until I saw someone starting out with with 4 picks, losing 3 times, and winning the big pot. Mulligan idea looks like a non starter to me too...suicide pool ain't golf suicide pool=1 pick for everyone, lose and you are out, one winner at the end...beautiful!
  5. Chief,I'm only suggesting that we can tweak the pool guidelines in the future so that we all have the same chance to win and so that the winner is an actual sol member. I don't want to exclude myself or anyone else."Family members" that want to join the fun can register and play just like everyone else.. What's wrong with that idea?
  6. By the time week 6 rolled around, GBB was the only player left without a loss next to his name. As a matter of fact, he had already beaten the eventual winner twice. Hahaha.... the funny thing is that all of us that started with one pick actually thought we had a chance ...
  7. Why drag Blue into this Bob? I'm the only guy suggesting that the pool guidelines need to be firmed up a little so that everyone has an equal chance to win and so that everyone participating in the pools is a registered member here...
  8. Maybe some consolation that you beat the eventual winner twice along the way this time BB lol... Seems like we need to tighten things up a little Something like 1 pick per member.. "Family" and friends can register as sol members and join in on the fun with their 1 pick..pot won't go to someone who isn't even a sol member or to someone playing with a stacked deck... Level playing field for everyone in the pool would be a lot more fun imo...
  9. 10 picks?invest 200 and walk away with 600,➕ not a bad strategy Bob..easy money untill the rubes catch on that would be shooting fish in a barrel in our pool lock up a win before the pool even starts with 10 picks... you really ok with that? in general..nothing personal to anyone here ..jmho and 2 cents worth pot splitting and multiple picks are the enemies of a fair suicide pool. thanks again for doing the pool Bob.Strangest one ever...pure hardball
  10. . Blue had one pick, and really played well, which is my point. "Family members" can register and play as "SOL members" ...right? I'm ok with JM winning all of our money.He played by the rules and won despite picking 3 losers in 6 weeks.That is a little weird but.... I think I was one of the first to congratulate him.
  11. Major shout out to big blue.... hung in there till the end with 1 pick vs JM with 4 picks and chief with 3... Blue=picked1 loser in 6 weeks Chief= picked 3 losers in 6 weeks JM= picked 3 losers in 6 weeks and won the pool...
  12. Whoa! Drumzilla....
  13. Congrats JM Agree Chief...
  14. Rocket Man=Michael Corleone The Donald=Mo Greene
  15. HW's victims consented to meet and discuss employment. They did not consent or expect to be put in the "sex or industry blacklist" situation that W had waiting for them. Consenting to an employment discussion is not the same as consenting to sexual negotiation....