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  1. NOW until 12:00am Sat Flood Watch Heavy Rain and Breezy High: 61 °F agh...
  2. Raining bigtime here.Creeks on the rise.Cambridge curse....
  3. The Earl Memorial today was outstanding in every way. Many, many thanks to Earl's family for including his fishing friends. RIP Earl.
  4. Saw the map posted on another forum and thought it was interesting...."for what its worth" OTW website may have more info....
  5. kind of interesting...
  6. 2pm is the plan for spreading his ashes on the beach. 2 pm Sunday?
  7. Yeah,,,,I know how important it was for you. Tough break this time...be there in spirit. We got to spin some cool yarns and good memories of Earl while you were here....pretty sure that is what the memorial is all about,,,
  8. Hey Keith...., Will be great to see you and Earl's Family members. I wonder if we can come up with a set time to have a "get together" on the beach....so that folks that may not be fishin but want to pay respects can plan on a time/date...
  9. . Criticizing AINPS in a way that is credible and based in fact is probably the best way to go if we want to be taken seriously... Right now,USFW has trained and experienced folks on the beach daily observing shorebirds.If they thought that the flea kill was an environmental disaster caused by the megatruck they would have ordered the project stopped immediately. Flea kill or no flea kill....The obtuse timing and intrusiveness of the back road removal project is a clear example of mismanagement.
  10. Why is the megadump truck running up and down the beach? >Every vestige of the "back road" at AIMD is being demolished and hauled away with heavy earthmoving equipment.. NPS policy has always been to not remove, demolish, or destroy any man made structures that existed at AINS prior to it being a NPS property. Old houses, buildings, hunting camps etc. have deliberately been left untouched to decay on their own.The back road is a man made structure and an interesting piece of AI history.It is hard to understand why it is being removed in a way that seems to directly violate longstanding NPS policy...???
  11. Thanks Surffish... The megatruck was at work for at least a couple weeks prior to the massive flea wash up...lots of high tides to churn the beach and lots days for the fleas to become buoyant etc....but it only happened once. IMHO 1 dump truck could not kill the number of mole crabs that washed up Wed. morning.Clearly the powerful hand of Mother Nature was involved. Flea digging was good for me Wed and Fri and again yesterday...but fishin was not good lol.Thanks for the interesting reply,