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  1. Scratch Nashville Cats..."yellow Sun Records from Nashville" lol Don't go there JW....Sun was in Memphis.. "Guitar Town"..."16th Avenue" might make you look good... Got plenty of gooduns for every town here, but you gotta cut me in on the easy $...
  2. cg down south doing his thing
  3. random CJ blackie
  4. Gandolf the Grey....lol Now we are getting somewhere...
  5. Whoa...Fleaasarus.State record for sure...
  6. NOW until 12:00am Sat Flood Watch Heavy Rain and Breezy High: 61 °F agh...
  7. Raining bigtime here.Creeks on the rise.Cambridge curse....
  8. The Earl Memorial today was outstanding in every way. Many, many thanks to Earl's family for including his fishing friends. RIP Earl.
  9. Saw the map posted on another forum and thought it was interesting...."for what its worth" OTW website may have more info....
  10. kind of interesting...
  11. 2pm is the plan for spreading his ashes on the beach. 2 pm Sunday?