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  1. Ublock is still doing its magic. No pops since loading it. If you have an Adroid based phone, its works great.
  2. Added Ublock under Firefox and it's stopping the popups so far. Got in here the first try.
  3. Tried to post in here 5 times before I gave up and went with the laptop because I kept winning Iphones. I'm on a Google Pixel 2 and its got so bad that I can't get on SOL using my phone. I will need to get an add blocker for the phone. I'd rather not do that, but I just can't use SOL on the phone.
  4. If you can get to Brian's tor Kaya's tackle, they will hook you up. Whipping, like Midnight suggested works well. Besides the clear bubble, you can do the same with an egg sinker rigged Carolina style. I just checked and the preserve area is fishable since it is an even numbered year. If you can find some squid, you can make strips and cast and retrieve those as well. I bet Ko Olina will be your best bet.
  5. Very nice. If anyone is wondering, it's a Billy McFadden.
  6. Tackle Collectors forum. Thread already going.
  7. Ill take2 and 8 please.
  8. Up early/late, whatever you want to call it wrapping presents for the kiddo. Lots of fun and I'm wondering which ones were more for me than him :). Wishing everyone a great day with friends and family.
  9. I'll take these if the price is right.
  10. seconds.just in case
  11. seconds just in case
  12. Jay's have a concave sloped face. I can't tell if its concave.
  13. I'll take them if they don't have RM SMITH stamped on the lip. Thanks
  14. I'll take these.