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  1. Not selling, but to give others an idea of what it looks like. I got this a few years back because I saw the youtube videos of it swimming. No, I haven't fished it....hopefully this year.
  2. I'll take them for asking paid thru Paypal
  3. I am out. 4 plugs total was too much for the trade. I was pricing Big rocks at $40 to $45, and Sharp eyes at $35 I think you mentioned that you figured the Teton would be $60 max so I figured the Ryall would be about the same. I guess I am off base somewhere in my math.
  4. Which ones are you interested in?
  5. Big Rocks and Green Points. Anything here interest you? The bottom Big Rock may have been used, but its hard to tell. I'm thinking 3 Big Rocks or Green Points for the Teton and Ryall. If you are interested, I'd like to see larger pictures of the Ryall and the spool side of the Teton. The Teton, near the reel seat, looks like there are a couple of dings. They don't look bad, but want to make sure the rest of the Teton and Ryall are the same or better.
  6. I'd like a shot at both the Ryall and the Teton. I have a bunch of new Beachmasters - Cowboys, Dannys, Needles, and Pencils. I'll get some pictures up this evening. I have some Hab's Sr atoms, needles and mullets. Any specific builder you are looking for?
  7. I think the burple scale is a Seahunt
  8. S6 for $125. We recently upgraded our phones. This was my phone and it was always in a case. Closeup photos show some dust. I tried over and over to take dust free photos, but the phone attracts dust. Screen protector and case have been on the phone since day one. I bought the case and screen protectors before picking up the phone. The photo showing the boxes shows the phone with a black Ballistic branded case and a screen protector, but I removed the screen protector because of the dust trapped under it. I'll put it back on the phone when I ship it, but you should get another protector or remove this one and wash it off and try to apply it cleanly again. I did a factory reset of the phone so its ready to go on Verizon.
  9. Sounds good. I'll send you a PM with my Paypal addy for the $45.
  10. Here you go. Second from the left is gold on top. Third from the left is olive on the top.
  11. Nice Moi and Papio. Making me jealous man.
  12. LEXA 400HS Brand new. Never spooled. First time out of the box. $175
  13. $40 for any 2 plus $5 shipping. Add more at $20 each.
  14. I'll take the hammerhead. PM PayPal addy please
  15. Hey Jim...you have great friends. I love how your buddy is trying to wash your fish off for you with the washdown hose.