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  1. Yea they can gofund themselves
  2. NWS just issued a flood warning for the West Branch of the Delaware until late Sunday afternoon. It is currently about a foot above flood stage.
  3. Dozens of protesters are currently outside the Cambridge-Isanti High School where the mooselimb women beater Keith Ellison is currently speaking.
  4. Exposed!

    FBI pardner with them for a similar purpose. Who knew?
  5. Am I am as serious and a myocardial infarction um heart attack.
  6. It is so appealing when young men with arms get inked up and when they get old and their guns shrivel up and the too looks like a chassis grease smudge.
  7. Jeepers the New York Post has a story the Authorities just found 50 TONS of meth in an underground drug lab outside the Mexican Capitol of Sinaloa. Golly I wonder how that **** was to get here?
  8. The problems with Democrats is they do not know they are stupid.
  9. Golly don't forget he is the son of the un-indited co-conspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
  10. The same mooselimbs that captures and ship slaves before the U.S. of A. was a Nation are still to this day capturing and selling slaves, today, like right now, If fact their are more people enslaved at this moment, then ever.
  11. Democrats figure when Democrats do "it", "it" is good.
  12. I am not sure if it was mentioned here but the Judge also has a Federal Marshal protective detail protecting him.
  13. There has been huge kill of lobsters and crabs in the Long Island Sound what lobstermen blamed on that bug spraying.
  14. It poured rain here last night and is about to rain hard the rest of this afternoon. That should flush out any residual fuel oil.
  15. Golly when I was a kid there was an outdoor column I usta read called Mark Trial. The author made his living condensing his commentary describing hunting, camping and fishing scenarios in to a few syllables.