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  1. Bomb was attached to the mushloon bomber by velcro and zip ties.
  2. 27 year old Akayed Ullah
  3. New York City Port Authorities laid hands on him and pulled up his shirt to see if he had anymore bombs. Heroic **** right there!
  4. Kindly que fake news NBC, on my mark. Go.
  5. Golly? And don't forget bout ol' Hannibal and them dam elephants!!
  6. Ghetto?? You mean like a Government run housing project?
  7. He has dark hair As every Democrat knows White people only have blond hairs, and Hispanic Latino's, who knows bout those mutts?
  8. Bomber is alive and in stable condition.
  9. Dr. Gorka said the Good Lord has again Blessed New Yorker's because after viewing the CCTV video it appears the bomber was walking down a passage way and the bomb exploded prematurely. Bombing occurred at 7:19 am.
  10. Haha. I just love the listening to ejaculations from a complex Democrat mind. Bomber guy has been here at least 7 years. Sooo On Obama's watch.
  11. Leventhal said authorities are backing off the suicide vest and authority's are now saying the bomber has wires and a battery pack on him.
  12. Rick Leventhal from Fox has the foreign name of the injured 37 year old Brooklyn male bomber.
  13. The AP is reporting the bomb was "strapped" The speculation is the bomb was strapped on the bomber and either feel off the bomber and exploded or exploded on him.
  14. Fox and friends just viewed a video of the explosion and described what they saw on air.