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  1. The Republican Party was formed in 1854 in Ripon Wisconsin, the joining of Free Soil Free People, Liberty and other abolitionist political parties. John C. Fremont, the Republicans first candidate in 1856 lost. Are you saying seven Southern States did not secede from OUR Union before Lincoln was even inaugurated? To argue that the people that formed the Republican Political Party for the sole purpose ending slavery and that nominated Lincoln, despite of his public political statements to the ENTIRE Country, is deigning the facts. The Whig Party was formed in the 1830's to oppose Andrew Jackson, slave holding Democrats and failed miserably. You are saying it was/was not about slavery in the same breath?
  2. I wouda rote youse but the fire was a goin out in my wood burnin modum
  3. Whata you people know from fricken ice??
  4. Thank you for admitting you threw a racist and bigoted troll bomb.
  5. You could show Brian the FBI aided and abetted and egged on the two terrorist to attack that draw mohamid contest in Garland Texas and only when an armed guard at that contest did shot and kill those two terrorists did the FBI flee the scene. I wonder if the gray lady wrote about that FBI sponsored and assisted attack?
  6. WRONG!!! The Republican Party platform in the 1850's was based SOLELY on stopping slavery. South Carolina seceded from OUR Union BECAUSE Republican Lincoln was elected 1860 to stop slavery. The South attacked the US of A at Fort Sumter to start the Civil War.
  7. Yea but he had no problem insinuating racism with his Eisenhower's mom's meme in free parking.
  8. Someone will have to unbutton shims three hooks on shims gauntlet for shim to drop that gauntlet.
  9. Yea that's how Sam Ting's name got written down as Hans Schultz.
  10. Single or double wheel cylinders?
  11. Circle jerk master debaiters will never leave the security of their safe place, the bar stool.
  12. Boomerang Free Parking in PG
  13. Democrats love standing on dead babies to further their ideology.
  14. By chance, is there ANY type empirical evidence that would alter or sway your opinion?