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  1. Use a longer leader. The length of your leader should be as long as the fish you target.
  2. Looking to get my asking. Price is firm.
  3. 1 left. The one out of the package is available.
  4. Remember when it was said here on SOL that the canal couldn't be burnt because it's so big? Now look! There are hundreds of millions of people in america. And they are all coming and from all over too. But as long as you ONLY mention the "east end", "the middle", or the "west end", it won't get burnt. Bull$hit!!
  5. Exactly. The whole length of the canal on both sides is now a mob scene. All parking lots on both sides are full now. And not a lot is being caught considering the amount of fishermen.
  6. There were THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of fishermen at that canal this weekend. IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF THE INTERNET! It's local tackle shops with their constant EXAGGERATED fishing reports. They use everything to drum up business. They constantly draw attention to the canal. They burn the canal for the love of money. Shops like MACO'S is even publishing POLE numbers on a popular weekly fishing report! It's also PRIDEFUL fishermen showing off all the time by posting everything they catch. They must truly be LOSERS in life so they try and make up for it by looking like a winner on the internet. SOL has also done much harm. I'm not going to get into that. I've been fishing the canal long before the internet existed. I remember what it was like. What my eyes see today is disgusting! I hope they shut down the canal. Local tackleshops will be killed and buried buy their own greed.
  7. That's NOTHING in that picture. I saw MUCH WORSE than this last night. Guys were less than an arms length away along large sections! Bodies were STACKED like CORDWOOD! I saw people sleeping on the ground wrapped in blankets like it wash Black Friday and money was being given away. No words can describe what I saw. None!
  8. Ok everybody..... There is one left for $40. Shipping costs $4.
  9. Thanx for the offer but I'll pass.
  10. Ok. It's yours.
  11. The standard Fuji DPS reel seat is junk. Without the metal support ring on the reel seat, your reel will come loose when you get a bend in your rod down to the reel seat area. Even the TFO no name brand reel seat is better the the St Croix Mojo.
  12. Ok. I think they are all gone. Just waiting for MorningWood's response.
  13. AH sold. RM still available.
  14. Splitting this lot. $20 ea shipped.
  15. I'll pass.