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  1. something here is wrong ... system failing crazy folks ... guns help us maybe ... red flag raised up high... proposed laws are not for you.. not one inch haiku...
  2. Jefferson Beauregard is going to look good to some of "his people" for this action. From what I read, the state US attorneys will give final discretion on prosecutions. Will they draw formal charges and prosecute? Doubtful. Potentially, it sets the stage for a dramatic, and long overdue, re-scheduling of cannabis on the Federal level. The medicinal value of the components of the plant and its various sub-species are, as previously stated, indisputable. But, whether or not this is the catalyst for a re-schedule is yet to be determined.
  3. The patriarch here went with "glass tit"...
  4. Now what? What next?
  5. Confucius say; If dog bark, it undercooked....
  6. The only folks who will believe Trump owns obummercare come election time will be the Hillary voter types, who wouldn't have voted for him anyway...We know the media will try very hard to tell us otherwise, but his supporters know very well, how and why this healthcare insurance mess was created. The libs do to, but they are much more honesty/ integrity challenged folks overall (lacking almost any quality that is considered good as they truly are enemies to Americans) and just wish to point blame at someone else, as usual, even when the truth has been told to them over and over and over... and they will lose again in 2020.
  7. Lately, we have all witnessed many, many snowflakes melt down into liquid. The scientific change from a solid to a liquid, for the science believers. Folks have literally melted before our eyes. Otherwise intelligent folks. Family members and friends to which their reactions and statements have completely surprised us and continue to do so. Sublimation is a process of changing from a solid to a gas completely bypassing the liquid phase. Also, in psychological terms it occurs when liberals make perverted and demented ideas and actions normal in their minds and by extension attempt to make it a normal behavior for everyone. It is exactly what we are seeing in the premise of this thread and throughout the press and most forms of modern liberalism everywhere. Outrageous, extraordinary, and absolute sublimation. It is a spectacle of nature. We just watch in awe. Its a gas. Our president, Donald Trump, has the ability to harness this occurrence and with a few additional simple words causes it to multiply, exponentially. Perhaps it is accidental, by chance. Perhaps it is completely planned and manipulated. I suspect it is both. However it may be, ultimately, it is sublime. It reveals to us the underlying nature of the madness within many folks that we otherwise would have never observed. And us rational, level headed, red blooded Americans just have to laugh. In a productive measure, the opportunistic folks among us can use the momentum created by these absurd reactions our president creates to make America even greater...
  8. Not one inch... past time to take a few back.. Both side are fighting for the same thing; power to control ... one side desires to control themselves (which by default extends liberty to all ) the other longs to control everyone (everyone loses liberty) ... which sounds American?
  9. capris pleats blouses.... what else?
  10. Wow, they are finally turning folks ... imagine that... and automatic weapons are not illegal... give em an inch fellas..
  11. Players of the NFL lost the election, again. Now those SOB's can play some ball...
  12. This guy is looking to enhance those 38% returns.. .. never waste a crisis..
  13. You are dead on with this one. All people controlling objectives can easily start here....Safety... No one has legs to stand on if 'it' has been deemed unsafe.
  14. Sure he is. But, who could possibly do what really needs done in that position and not end up getting suicide-ed?
  15. ..If there was grass on the field, he played ball...