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  1. Very good question...
  2. Very good question...
  3. I remember clearly the time Trump said the following words. Approximately 18 months ago.... “I don't like Assad at all, but Assad is killing ISIS. Russia is killing ISIS and Iran is killing ISIS,” Trump said when asked about his plans for Syria. He was referring to the country’s president, Bashar Assad, and using an acronym for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Although Trump has argued before against intervening in Syria, and often calls for cooperation with Russia against ISIS, his statement was particularly blunt—and underscored the huge gap between Trump’s views and mainstream Republican thinking. He was for them before he was against them... Why the 180? What has changed? Real intelligence proving Assad is gassing his own people?
  4. These facts, as they have been written, are a great visual of what constitute the modern leftist's definition of hate speech. You forgot Korea. Indisputably, these wars have amounted to the greatest loss of American life in our history. It is indeed a fact that the only thing responsible for more death in this world than leftists/ communists/ socialists are bacteria...
  5. What could possibly possess a regular ol' city council professional democrat and enable them to feel it is appropriate behavior to verbally assault young girls with obscene profanity in a public cookie store? She's with her -> and they both lost it....
  6. Using this legal definition a child brought into this world by caesarean surgery would not be a citizen either?
  7. What about Republican governors with 93% NRA positive ratings? VT governor will set a trend with his actions. The only reason these r's have not voted against 2A rights in the past is because they felt they would not be elected. If he does not veto this law, other r's will follow and depending on the repercussions and legal challenge outcomes it will become the norm, with complete outlaw on the horizon. Look what Rubio did in FL.2A rights will be assaulted faster than a gun free school zone. Especially with any leftist majority in govt, considering what these leftists have finally openly declared; abolish the 2A. We need new candidates who are serving strictly to preserve American liberty, or we will become America in name only. Which we seem to be quickly approaching... Mao, Stalin and Marx are all smiles right now with six months to deer season...
  8. 1903: Vermont supreme court rules that requiring permission from another man to carry firearms was "repugnant to the constitution and laws of the state". 2018: "Even if your not on your parents health insurance plan you can not buy a gun until your 21; only 10rnd mag's for long gun; 15 for handgun's..." All in Governor Phil Scott's hands right now .. 93% NRA approval rating..Says he will sign it... All because Govt failed again in FL he says.. So now it is time go after law abiding citizens... It is amazing how fast they can move on new law's when they get their orders. Legal challenges forthcoming...
  9. I respectfully disagree with the ex -justice on this issue. He is a decorated Navy man. It seems extremely un-patriotic to be in favor of the repeal of our Second Amendment. In his Heller dissenting opinion he showed himself to be a man who desires control of otherwise lawful men. When placing himself in the shoes of the Framers he desires to control and can not believe the Framers would not also desire control. This also seems contrary to our individual freedoms that are uniquely American.
  10. ...for page 556
  11. They were not the only two told to stand down during this epic goat phukk... I can not believe that sheriff has not received any medieval treatment yet... At the very minimum he should be hiding in fear and shame right now.... He was the leader of that incredibly lame, cowardly, disgusting, might as well have not been there at all, non-response... Reprehensible.. And of course the commies are using these lost children as collateral damage for another attack on one of our most basic rights... Never waste an intentional tragedy.. They are septic scum..
  12. With a point of view like that one can not even be referred to as an American.. .. Maybe a type of European conservative.. But not an American..
  13. Trump is a Joe Manchin type liberal on this one.. He said the exact same thing concerning due process suspension... Joe will most likely lose in November, especially if any 2A rights are infringed before the mid term voting .. Trump may think he is gaining some middle road votes in 2020 from this but I see a primary loss for him next time around. 2a supporters will choose another R over Trump if any 2a laws are infringed and his primary opponents will seize the opportunity to use it against him... Dems could take 2020 with a Joe Manchin liberal.. All depends how many more shootings the media can capitalize on for the left and how hard anti-2A gets pushed.. Folks will turn out and vote to protect 2A.. Happened in 2016.. will happen again..
  14. Wow. It would almost be better if we knew he was told to stand down...