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  3. They’re amazing. The one in the middle with the plug in its mouth is blowing my mind! The detail is brilliant. So glad you guys share this stuff. You don’t see that kind of artistry anymore.
  4. That toothpick trick is genius. Thanks Steve.
  5. That’s terrifying. I’m amazed I made it through childhood, with crabbing barefoot, usually in just a bathing suit, on the rocks in RI. I know I got cuts and scrapes, but thankfully never developed any infection from them. From now on, peroxide comes with me all the time.
  6. Most scientists don’t back the idea of climate change?? 97% actually do. This is a link to NASA explaining it. And never did I say people didn’t understand, I said they choose to think they know more than experts in the field. I will never understand that. And yes, I do fish. Tight lines to you as well. https://climate.nasa.gov/scientific-consensus/
  7. Loading up our redfins in prep for our trip to CH next month. I’ve noticed that the new ones we bought are lighter than the old school ones we’ve got. We’ve been weighing and floating them to make sure they’re loaded right, but it definitely makes it more difficult when they don’t consistently weigh the same. PS - I have all the syringes because my dog is diabetic, not because I have a raging drug problem
  8. I would like to give this post a standing ovation. I don’t understand when everyone decided that science and facts were unimportant. Or when people with no formal education in climatology decided that they knew better than those Ivy League scientists. It’s not a class issue. But here we are...
  9. UPDATE These are the bombers that are left.
  10. That works for me. I’ll take 1(pink needle), 2(parrot swimmer), 8(Blue atom), and 11(blurple needle). Here’s a pic of what I understand you want, just to be sure sorry about the lazy dog - she’s sleeping and won’t move If you’re willing, I would trade the last spotted and another for a BM. Put new hooks on the giant atom. Others were ****e.
  11. I also have a used giant rainbow an another regular used.
  12. Some closeups of the rest.
  13. I have this used glitter one
  14. These 4? I’ll post some more photos of the rest.
  15. I have tons of others, but they’re all used. Which 4? And what would you be willing to trade for them? I’m new at this, and I wanna make sure I’m not coming off as trying to screw anyone, so be patient with me