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  1. That is infuriating - seriously. I don't think I'd be able to keep my mouth shut if I saw that occurring. Edit: Just came across this comment on a facebook post by mass epo catching these f'rs on the canal. Impacts are insane.
  2. Good info and contrary to everything I've read- makes sense though! Question- are fish able to "see" lures at night without any moonlight etc?
  3. Boston here as well (charlestown) - It has been the summer of skunk for me, not a single catch in this state/region. Got lucky with a schoolie in maine back in May but that's the first and last I have caught. Hope to break that streak.
  4. I got a fairly good deal on some berkley fluoro - it did not help tonight however. Had fresh herring and all- once again #fail. (Fished boston harbor, by charlestown)
  5. All recommendations noted. I have not been using a leader- Just picked up some clear fluro and will try, try again ha!
  6. I hear you man. My "technique" when it comes to lake/river fishing for bass is pretty spot on. I almost always catch perch/largemouth when I attempt, but as far as striper fishing goes (or any salt water fish) I continue to fail. Tried behind spaulding today with some fresh herring for an hour before the storm at high tide by no luck...Even threw a minnow lure with my other rod. Fail once again and high tide was on its way in. Only got an hour in but no dice. I didn't use a slip sinker so maybe the bait needed to go lower. Is 30 lb braided test (spider slick- green) visible to these guys?
  7. Good deal- and yes I also so the pogie apocalypse at the dam. Insane. I’ll try behind spaulding sometime in a few weeks as well as behind scraffs (I live very close)
  8. Ya for sure! I really enjoy fishing even without catches - I obviously need to change things up though! Salt water fishing is tough business from shore for me!
  9. Ok good to know- I was wondering if fish couldn't even see lures/bait at night. I tried for hours around midnight behind Spaulding in the navy yard but didn't even get a bite.
  10. That's actually really useful- thanks man.
  11. I really appreciate it...I have over 15 posts but am not sure how to send a PM. If you want to shoot me a message that would be awesome. Once again I appreciate everyones advice.
  12. Will do- I was not into salt water/striper fishing at the time, but I saw schools upon schools of the herring off the charles river esplanade in the spring. They scared off the large mouth bass I usually caught there.
  13. I also wonder where they get the money...
  14. Plum Island had several beaches shut down/no access for plovers too.