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  1. I'm new here and I myself may have this issue, but I doubt they're doing it on purpose or allowing it to fester. I think it's the turbo fins honestly. That extra torque has to transfer somewhere...
  2. I'm thinking I have a drive leak, I though it was water coming in through the hatches etc, but I added weather stripping , cleaned and lubed o-rings etc but still wet... What kind of checks can I do to check for cracks, thin spots, splits etc ... This has me worried bad now. I bought a Hobie because the reliability I thought I was getting... I've only had it a few years, can't remember exactly. I'm reading here there are thing spots, cracks, pin holes.... Gees!
  3. Bought a Hobie, and now looking to get one each of a casting and spinning setup. Located in the rivers of MD. I won't be in super deep waters and I'll be trolling with the casting setup using jigs. The spinning setup I'm thinking of throwing poppers or something when I see baitfish going crazy. So looking for rod and reel suggestions... I'd prefer a cheaper rod, and spend more on the reel. I don't want to go crazy, and honestly don't even know where to start price wise...thanks! Edited: I have a 7' MH dobyns fury caster rod sitting brand new, not sure if that would work. It's a 704 model. But honestly I'm thinking about getting an ugly stix, cheap and they seem to work well