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  1. Show us a picture of "The Nail"
  2. Howzabout a picture of "The Nail" Very interesting!
  3. Not through wired. I'm thinking it was made that way so the propeller had a sturdy mount. I sent my PP address to you in a PM. Thank you and enjoy, Ted PS: I will send a thru wire with the plug in case you want to try to modify it.
  4. Maybe showing it in Tackle Collectors will spark some interest in finding one for you. Just a thought.
  5. Soooo interesting. I'll keep my eyes open for you. Ted
  6. Is this wood, metal or plastic?
  7. Here is the plug I was talking about. It is 7" black with tiny gold flecks and an orange belly. It has a large tail prop and large VMC hooks. It is in 9 of 10 condition with just some minor surface haze that can probably be polished up but nothing major. There is a tiny orange paint spot.line 1/8" on the top of the plug. NO RUST. The plug is epoxy coated wood and is under 2 oz. I'd like to recover $27.50 so can ship it and pay PP fees for that price. Enjoy, Ted
  8. I've got one hanging. I will send a pic and price later on. Ted
  9. That is one neat concept right there. Good luck with your quest, Ted
  10. Nick, Plug arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you for taking the time to wrap it up correctly. I love this plug! Thanks again, Ted
  11. Beautiful pickup Dave!
  12. Paypal sent for the yellow belly. Thanks Nick.
  13. Sold Nick. Please send PP address.
  14. I want the yellow belly if the paint is all intact. From the picture it looks like brown specks above the rear belly swivel in the top picture. It may just be on the plastic wrapper. If the paint is clear I'll take it Nick. Thanks, Ted
  15. Sold. Please shut this down. Thank you Tim and SOL