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  1. No worries. Enjoy your lures.
  2. I will dig out what I can spare later today. Ted
  3. Eric, if I already didn't have this plug I'd buy it. If only people knew just how effective it is last light/first light they'd jump on it.
  4. Awesome. Thanks.
  5. The Boone needle is painted similar colors. Your description of it swimming makes me think jointed skinny needle, green back.
  6. I took this picture of a needlefish in Florida. Looks the same as the ones I caught as a kid fishing for snappers. They would bite on a piece of spearing.
  7. I like the ones with all the hooks!
  8. Hello, What size Kastmasters are you looking for? What colors. Ditto on Hopkins? I have some all new. Ted
  9. Sorry, I only use PP. Maybe next time, Thanks, Ted
  10. How about I pay $5 more for the shipping to meet at $55?
  11. The wrap on the bucktail looks homemade. Hooks look like Mustad tinned 35517's. Probably 60's to 80's era. Whatever they are they are certainly vintage Kevin. I bet they would still bring a strike!
  12. Kevin, I've got an all black one like this. Glad for all this info! Ted
  13. I like them. I would be proud to own them!
  14. Would you consider a $50 bill fair for this plug?
  15. Neat little plug for sure. Great green mullet imitation that would work well in the fall. Definitely a keeper! thanks for showing.