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  1. I will check. Give me a day or so.
  2. Does it need to be new?
  3. Another shot at a scaled mini!
  4. Hi, I could use that bottom popper for $12 if you are willing to split it out. Thanks for considering, Ted
  5. Yes sir. They be yours. I just didn't have the cash at the moment and am sorry now.
  6. These are not mine but are plugs that were offered me in the past and I did not have the cash at the time. They are gone now. I'm hoping for one to come along.
  7. I am looking for a Danny Pichney Jinx that looks like this. Thanks for considering to sell, Ted
  8. Thanks for your input also SC. I have finally fully accepted this as a Pichney after all the input. I intend to fish this one as I have other rainbow trollers in mint. I heard that he sawed up the old wire reels at ConEd where he worked for wood. Good source of free wood! Probably used the SS straps from those reels too.
  9. Lynn, The sealant on the lip has turned brown with age, I'm talking dark amber. The grommets also show their age as do the swivels. The wire gauge and type is original. Danny's son said in a email to me that his Dad actually did use lips he did not make toward the end before he sold out to Sea Wolf and this lip looks like the ones used on Lupo's. The previous owner told me he bought it from Danny at his house. He was from the Jersey shore. As to whether it was rebuilt or finished by someone else my answer is that the oxidation on the sealant, swivels and grommets indicate great age going back to the original build. I hope this explanation helps. Ted
  10. Roy,


    I put up a few tail wrap pics like you asked.


    Did Danny sell any plugs with smooth lips? If so this one is probably not all that common.


    I respect your opinion. 




  11. Cool, I just don't get the smooth lip. Did Danny make some plugs with lips he did not make himself? Thanks guys, Ted
  12. Roy, Good to hear from you. I will get that out in the morning with both plugs. Of course the tail hook is not original in either case. ted
  13. What we have here is a 6" troller that by the paint and lack of those little plastic eyes found on Lupo's appears to be a Pichney by the paint. Problem is the lip is smooth and does not appear to be homemade. I am leaning toward a "blind" Lupo. The gold plug is of course a Pichney. Any thoughts?
  14. If anyone has any of the old Meyercord's I could use some. Thanks