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  1. where's that stuff in the Constitution?
  2. forget about Christian-like is it a decent person thing to do to be a piece of **** liar in order to get your way?
  3. good morning Rocco.
  4. so what are all you leftists gonna do with that extra money?
  5. but no JT back yet
  6. putt-putt?
  7. you're right we need to find out why these kids were "separated from their parents"
  8. BY THE WAY..................... don't you leftists want the government in charge of taking care of everyone's children?
  9. good morning Rocco.
  10. toto says his civic is more fun to drive
  11. am I un-Christianlike because I want to let anyone in this country who wants to be here and doesn't want to destroy the place, all while they keep with the traditions of this country..........AS LONG AS WE END ALL FORMS OF WELFARE?
  12. you got your balls back so now you can tell the kid to stop borrowing your car?