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  1. pffft hillary and hussein watched the attack in Benghazi happen. they did nothing for how long?
  2. to the Isles for Ladd.
  3. they want Republicans to lead the way with the legislation.
  4. **** you tom.
  5. Brett Cyrgalis‏Verified account @BrettCyrgalis Neither Rick Nash nor Michael Grabner will play for #NYR tonight. Team closing in deals, so right now, this is just precautionary. Lettieri and Carey will be in. DOMINOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. oh oh oh I got a question Do you leftists want people like President Donald Drumpf coming up with benchmarks for who is mentally disabled and who isn't?
  7. it's amazing how all these students get twitter verified blue check mark so fast.
  8. That was last year? I'm glad they did that. decades ago people ( mostly democrats) thought black people were mentally "disabled." would it be ok to ban all black people from owning guns?
  9. speaker placement is i need the Amish Bob Villa from Ephrata to build me a bigger desk
  10. Tom, choke on a garbage truck full of dicks Please.
  11. do we reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllllly need scopes for home protection? let's ban them too.
  12. If it saves just one life..................... George Zimmerman will say his life was saved because of a gun.
  13. if someone is dead set on breaking the law, they'll do it. who doesn't know what murder is? They know they'll probably end up in jail if they do it. Yet, some people do it. Why? once people pull their head out of their ass, think they could finally admit that possible murderers will do everything possible to get a weapon? maybe Nazi-style gun confiscation is what you want. Is it?