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  1. scale is 28 pounds off sounds like the one nighty uses to weigh his decent fish.
  2. is his wife hot?
  3. that could be considered unethical.
  4. eff Tom. i had to explain to my sister why she needs a property survey.
  5. chumbucket plugs make everyone a fisherman.
  6. a place of business can deny anyone service if they meet a certain criteria.
  7. ".....So Moore believes that he should not have been removed from the bench for putting his personal religious beliefs above the Constitution, but justices should be removed if they interpretation the Constitution in a way that contradicts his religious beliefs. This, he insisted, would “solve the problem.... .......What is so disturbing is not that Moore would take such an extreme position (given his prior defiance of fundamental principles of judicial review). Rather it is the rapturous applause from the crowd as he called for the evisceration of judicial independence in the United States. There was little thought to the implications of his statement or the obvious threat to religious view if the majority can simply remove those who oppose their values from the bench. Tomorrow another religion or non-religious view could hold the majority and strip the courts in their favor. Our federal courts would then become little more than vehicles for majoritarian tyranny as they are in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia and China. For example, Article 2 of the Iranian Constitution states that law “is a system based on belief in … the One God … His exclusive sovereignty and the right to legislate.” Thus, courts must follow Sharia principles and are subject to removal for defying “the One God.” It is the "rapturous applause" that I feel is scary. Latching onto sound bites and campaign rhetoric is, and what will, take us down an ugly path toward "Tyrrany" Thoughts? he's right it shouldn't be up to the government to decide on that stuff
  8. i figured out how to get out of my basement this morning.
  9. he was part of it. he helped get the guns up there. his union leaders know that they can use him to get more money out of MGM for their union employees (and back to the leaders) so he just suddenly reappears.........on a show they know will give him softball questions, just because people were wondering where he went off to. but only after they made sure he got his story straight, if you know what i mean. however, that does not mean the union leaders were part of shooting and all the planning for it.
  10. the Constitution "commands" that Congress doesn't make a law regarding speech and when people can take part in it and when they can't. so, my question for you....(let's pick a stupid example but a simple one)....... if, at a public university, a 4.0 GPA student is taking a test and reading out his or her answers, what should the university do about it? If speech must be protected, they should sit there and do nothing.
  11. Happy Birthday Rav
  12. good morning Rocco. eff shootouts.