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  1. You could always go with a gosa 8k and a 16k aftermarket spool, if you really need that line capacity. 10k has lower gear ratio.
  2. Since nobody replied, I went out on my own. No fish on the night from Friday to Saturday, but at least one small guy Sunday morning. I hope that was enough to take the skunk off... Otherwise I haven't seen a lot of action from the shore, I hope you guys did better if you went out.
  3. That the night game isn't suitable for beginners makes sense. I personally wouldn't worry about the fishing aspect, but especially those damn lobster buoys everywhere look bothersome to me.
  4. Unfortunately, the boat owner indicated that 4 am at the marina might not happen... Maybe we try the eel at night approach first.
  5. Thank you all for the very valuable advice! The first challenge will be to convince my buddies to either spend the night or go out very early I have no problems with that, but unfortunately it is not my boat. I have sabikis, jigs, sluggos, different size jig heads and bucktails coming to be prepared for the next trip. In the meantime, I will try to spend the nights and early mornings of the next weekend to catch them from shore. edit: Just to summarize one thing. Time of day matters more than tide?
  6. I can't believe any of the over 100 viewers has an opinion. Please give me some food for thought. TL
  7. Hi, I am also new to surf casting in this area. Would anybody be interested to go fishing together on the weekend? Since I can't PM yet, shoot me an email if you are interested: (spam email address for this purpose only). TL
  8. Hey Guys, I went striper fishing for my first timer ever yesterday and I was able to hook 2 schoolies on a mag darter in the Deer Island/ Long Island area. Those two bites came pretty early after we, my colleagues (all not to knowledgeable about fishing) and I, did head out. After being euphoric due to early success, we were brought back down to earth, because we wouldn't have any fish contact from that point on. Not catching anything isn't a problem for me, but feeling helpless is. I honestly didn't have any clue what tactics to use or where to search for the fish. My saltwater background comes mainly from fishing in Norway or in tropical water. I feel that fishing the shallow Boston Harbor might be a little bit more different than I thought. I will try a short summary below of what I suspect we did wrong and I hope you could comment on that, so that I will feel less dumb the next time we head out. I understand a lot of this will be hidden in this forum already, but I didn't really find what I was looking for yet. 1. My research told me that it doesn't really matter if we fish incoming or outgoing tide, some people like one better than the other. Correct? 2. We decided to fish the outgoing tide 10 am - 3 pm this time. This resulted in fishing in the middle of the day. My personal experience tells me that either early morning or before dark is better. What would you say is more important if you can choose. Time of day or tide? 3. We fished rather shallow at around 10ft. most of the time and that is where we had initial contact. I feel that it might have been a better idea to move to deeper water (20 - 30 ft.) as the day progressed. Correct? 4. Since we had people on the boat who are very new to fishing, I had them fish vertically because I didn't feel it would have been save for anyone to have them casting on a "packed" boat. Is there anyway you can be successful fishing vertically in shallow water? My plan was to have them drift live bait, but we weren't able to buy any unfortunately. Is that a better idea for shallow water fishing? This would be all for the first part and I would be happy if anybody could share their experience and comment on my ideas. TL