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  1. Butch, I fish up north around the San Francisco Bay area. I like the steelhead setup I had catching surfperch. Just bummed the guides corroded even though I gave it the freshwater rinse (most of the time). I ended up getting a 10' BH Suzuki. I like it a lot. Just waiting to catch something larger on it.
  2. Damn that looks tasty! I gotta go get a couple. Wish me luck.
  3. Thanks for the great info y'all
  4. Thanks for that Fishscales! I've read people say let the breeders go. Is it by size, time of year that you can tell? I guess I'll know when I get one.
  5. Thank you all for the info! I've only been catching barred from 4-9 inches. What's a good keeper size?
  6. I've never owned a reel that flexed that much. Not even an UL trout reel. It may work ok for some uses but I don't have any confidence in it. I don't fish enough to want to worry about it so I don't fish it.
  7. Thanks regulate! I've been catching barred perch along the coast of CA. I'll have to at least give them a try.
  8. Thanks for the info SF!
  9. Do you eat surfperch? I've heard they're tasty. One buddy will sashimi them. Other buddy won't eat them. Thinks they contain too many toxins. What size do you keep to eat?
  10. Totally agree. Seems like you rarely see a me too that does as well as the original, something always seems to fall short.
  11. Looks like New Captain Pete did well at Pacifica!
  12. That'd be sweet off the pier or beach!
  13. Met a nice guy, name John, out there today. Gave me some great info. Thanks John, nice chattin with you. Ben
  14. Mine? I get back from work late and can PP before midnight East Coast time. I'm West Coast.
  15. Cool, thanks!