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  1. Hot salmon action this morning. Bigguns! A ton of boats for a Tuesday!
  2. Have you seen any specs for the 4000 size? Couldn't find any online. Thx!
  3. Awesome! You could kayak to them. Waiting for tomorrow up here out of Half Moon Bay. Hope the wind lays down.
  4. Awesome king! They feeding on krill?
  5. Saw a few different models available on Amazon. Went to the local tackle shop where my buddy got one about a year ago. Shop doesn't carry them any more.
  6. Which reel did you end up pairing this with? Like it?
  7. Found these from a previous thread, they seem reasonable? Says Okuma but seems applicable to any reel. Okuma......keep an eye on your drag system and bail fulcrum joints. A very good tool that should be in every surcasters and skishers bag PM is a can of Corrosion X. This stuff works great and will prevent damage to your aluminum reels body finish and will penetrate into all joints and prevent siezing of working parts. It will not hurt your line either . Your reel will look as good as new, you just wipe it off when you are going to use it. Been using it for several years. I have all Accurates reels for conventional and not one has a salt spot on it anywhere. Good stuff. True Value hardware carries it in small cans or you can just go to their web site and order.. As far as your reel internals.....Reel X on bearings every now and then and Cals Grease for your gearset and case screws. You can use Cals Grease on your drag system if it gets dowsed pretty regurarly. Hope that helps.
  8. Thanks for that! Do you do a pre-service on your reels before they ever see water?
  9. With regards to spinning reels,, I've searched and read some threads that mention proper maintenance, ie with proper maintenance your reel will last for years. I haven't found what that generally entails. I like to come home, spray with freshwater and let it dry. Should I tighten the drag down, loosen the drag then spray, does it matter? Should I be doing more? What do.you generally consider proper maintenance for your spinning reel? Thanks for any thoughts! Ben
  10. Thank you Mahi03! What would you call proper maintenance? Would rinsing off with freshwater be enough?
  11. I'd say max would be $750 but only if I knew I would have no problems with little maintenance or stellar service if there was a problem. So far it's only been surfperch. Thinking about stripers.
  12. I threw a Carolina rig with a camo sandworm for 2 hours for nada. I've got a lot to learn. Great info in your post!
  13. Thanks Sudsy! I never figured it could just be sand under the rotor. Sweet learning something new! Thanks!
  14. Thank you for your thoughts tascaso and Paladin. It'll just get occasional splash and spray. I do spray off the rod and reel after a trip. I don't pop the spool or dry it off, just let it air dry. The thing that concerns me is that I've never dropped the reel in the sand and am careful not to set it down in the sand and yet after less than 15 outings, it has started to feel a little rough when reeling in, like there is some sand in there somewhere. I haven't opened it up to see what the problem may be and likely won't. I've tried to do as much searching as I can here on SOL before I joined. I've gotten to the point where down the road, do I plan on getting a sealed reel like Van Staal, ZeeBass, Stella SW or Penn Torque. Are these really sealed and can I just rinse them and know I'll be good to go? Or am I spending big money and it' still a crap shoot whether sand is going to get in? A buddy told me the sand around here is just too fine and will ruin any reel and to get something disposable that you'll plan on tossing and getting a new one when it takes a dump. I guess there is a lot of middle ground. I'm one who will do little of my own maintenance, just don't have the know how or time.
  15. How about some recs for a disposable reel? Anyone use a cheap reel until you can't stand the grinding any longer and just toss it?