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  1. Any word on a conversion kit for a slammer 3 or even a bailless version of the reel? It seems like a no brained given the fact that it’s alrrady been done on the SSV.
  2. How do you like the single hooks? The Talkin Popper was the exact plug featured in John Skinner’s video evaluation where he had a very low landing rate with that setup.
  3. You read my mind. This will be my main target for these plugs.
  4. It was a great father’s day gift....even if I had to help her pick them out. These are my first wooden plugs. I can’t wait to get them into the water!
  5. No more fish, right? Haha, I’ll keep trying, though.
  6. What’s your favorite size Talkin Popper? Also, XD or Standard? Pros and cons?
  7. By Paraflex 10’ I assume that you’re talking about the 1.5-5oz model? That rod does really seem to be in a sweet spot as far as wide range of applications. xjclint also speaks very highly of it.
  8. I’m trying to make a decision on a new rod and I’m strongly considering one of these. They seem like they’d handle a wide range of applications. Is there anything that should push me one way or the other on either of them. Ideal this rod will be used in the canal and also for plugs/bucktails on the beach. I was originally thinking of the 10 ft paraflex but was concerned that it’s 1.5-5 oz rating may be a tad light for the canal. Maybe I’m splitting hairs. Now I know how my wife feels when she goes shoe shopping.
  9. Roger that. Which size brass eyes are you running in these?
  10. pardon my ignorance, but does anything connect the brass eye and j hook or do the lead simply hold the two together?
  11. On paper this rod seems great to me. It looks like it would handle a wide variety of plugging, bucktail, and eel work. I'm thinking that it would also work for all but the heaviest jigs in the canal. Any thoughts? Any other rods with similar ratings that I should be looking at before I pull the trigger? Also, looking to pair this with an SSV. Which size would you recommend 6500?
  12. The large smiling bill mold (4-5 oz) specifies a 9/0 hook. Is the 8/0 3418 still sufficient in that mold?
  13. It was worth a try!
  14. Are you still looking to replace this rod? If so I may be in the market, it sounds like it will be a decent rod for my first trip to the canal.
  15. Out of curiousoty, why use a sluggo vs a plastic with more action, like a whip it fish or some other paddle tail style lure? Sorry, I just like to understand the “whys” of lure selection in order to expand my knowledge bank.