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  1. Thats be gold. Printed out.
  2. Hidden, I'm not sure. Sucking them off the bottom? Most definitely. Sunday I was creeping a shimp and crab combo along the bottom. Not only were the stripers taking them while they were still, they'd hit them multiple times if I missed the pick-ups. I've sightfished with crab flies and a fly I tied to imitate a small lobster, it's amazing to watch them inhale them off the sand. Seeing a striper flare its gills and the fly jumping into a big mouth is a true adrenaline rush. You're very observant, thanks for sharing your observations. People can fish all their lives and really see very little.
  3. THANKS! I thought about bringing the old trusty Outcast Fishcat kickboat, but my butt would probably get drug out to sea. It's great for estuaries, especially with Force Fins (SEALS use them) but sounds like too much movement for it. I plan to fish at night, too. I really appreciate the input. Google Maps shows shoreline structure, but it was hard to discern quite what it is and depths. Knowing fish key on structure close in is very heartening. Can't wait.
  4. Has anyone fished off of or around any of the Boston Harbor Islands? I have a reservation to camp on Peddocks for 2 days in July and am hoping there is some (or more apropos, a lot) of opportunity to fish while I'm there. I've never fished closer than Gloucester Harbor or World's End. I'm hoping it's similar to World's End . Camping on one of the islands was on my bucket list, as I seek out places to backpack ( carry your gear to campsite after disembarking from ferry in this case) and fish. Not many places to do so on the east coast. Any chance at blues?
  5. Best of luck trout fishing. You already like night and low light, also think deep holes and crab and shrimp flies. Biological studies have shown grass shrimp are the primary food for stripers in Plum Island Sound. I've caught some big fish on Joppa with shrimp flies. Green crabs are way up on the menu, too. I had a ton of fun twitching a tandem of flies on the bottom in a deeper hole in the Ipswich on Sunday. For some reason, I'm always amazed how you can fish flies as if they were almost bait. A fish a cast does get boring, but sometimes it's OK when the weather and surroundings are incredible.
  6. I used Tyger in the past, but really like the Rio. Unfortunately, Cape Ann and north has been pretty shy of blues in recent years, much to my abject sadness. Hopefully, I'll find some in RI or Jersey later on.
  7. Good job. I fished the monster tides From early Sat. on. Quite the lows they were. I didn't hook anything of note and was disappointed as a buddy caught 2 30 lb fish from his boat th. fri. and wanted me to fish Friday. They were on a flat in the in-between river. I couldn't get there til Sat. Oh well. Great report, and once again, well done. I applied water reading skills from trout and smallmouth years ago. It works. My biggest from the dozens this weekend was 22", so you almost got me beat. You'll be posting a cow soon, I bet. Keep it up!
  8. I answered what the OP asked. I think I'll move on from this forum. Happy fishing.
  9. For me, it's the Rio T-17 with Frog Hair 58lb. .024 shooting line. A 30 foot head with my 10 wt. casts OK . Usually fishing a dumbbell eyed 4/0 or 5/0. There's a few spots off Cape Ann and in the Merrimack I like to fish it and at the end of the the breachways in Rhody when the current is ripping.
  10. Capt. Barry Clemson, Rowley, Ma. has some interesting sightfishing options later in the summer in Plum Island Sound. He's put me on some real cows. He's the best for that area and has been since there was no bass and it was all blues. John Ford does a great job out of South Portland in Casco Bay. Great guy and his crab pattern works on the flats. Either would be a great time and a wealth of info.
  11. Since I don't live on the coast and spend a lot of time crawling out of my tent at 3 am to hit the water, a thermos of Dunkin' has been my jump-start juice for many years. To me , DD taste and smell reminds me of stripers. Crackin' open a thermos on a cool, damp night on the beach and having that smell hit you..... Thanks for the report.
  12. Great stuff. I use it for my guide finger when I'm single hand stripping and where I've chewed up the cork on my rods from the pressure of my index finger , since I use a 3 point grip. Always with me. I've never had striper thumb, other than a bunch of scratches, my fingertips are really calloused from a lifetime of masonary and carpentry work. This tape would work fine, though. It may get a little chewed up after a few dozen, bring the roll.
  13. Don't discount the Big Thompson below the Estes Dam, all the way down the hill. Great dry fly fishing the fast water for cutts. Lots of access and some nice size fish.
  14. Wait til a seal pops up on you 10 feet away in the dark and your waist deep in the 'mack. It's happened to me a number of times, and they've scared me witless every time. Bottom of the outgoing has fished the best in recent weeks, I got 80 fish on Sat. in PI sound. You have to look for them, as you are. Eventually, you'll start getting to know what spots fish best on what tides. Bait has been relatively small, clousers from 3-5 inches are producing well. I don't give up spots, after having walked an honest 500 miles to learn the river and the sound,let alone 500 boat hours but I'll give you one tip- creek mouths on the outgoing. Bait is up in the creeks, and as the tide flushes the bait, the fish drop back with them. Intercept them. I've got a few keepers in with the smaller models so far. Get a map and look at what goes where and how to get there. If you recognize the spot in the pic- it's fishing well, just don't broadcast it more than it already has been.
  15. My experience farther north mirrors yours, but some keepers in the mix, though nothing over 30. I seem to notice rain was also on N/NEwinds and kept the bait inactive. Unhooking those micros got old, glad you had plenty that at least gave a showing for themselves. Some of those 20" fish can fool you into thinking you've got something good! I've got the blues, gotta head to RI to find some, I guess.