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  1. Thank you ZCoker for your input, much appreciated!!
  2. Florida is where I'd be land based fishing. That would be most unfortunate to have them ban it, especially investing in the setup to do that. What FL boards should I look at?
  3. Peanut, Thx for the info. Jeff
  4. Ok sounds good. thx
  5. Peanut, Haha, i just cracked up at the arm falling off. Thx for the info on the boat. good to know stuff. What poles do you use?
  6. ok thx, i will keep my an eye out for the ocean masters. I would assume the Barrett rod would be considered custom??
  7. If I wasn't supposed to post a certain species I apologize and an administrator can remove the post if they like. Got this from an article: It is abundant in warm waters off the coast of the US from the Chesapeake Bay south and through out the Gulf of Mexico. During autumn and winter months, cobia migrate south and offshore to warmer waters. Cobia prefer water temperatures between 68°-86°F. Seeking shelter in harbors and around wrecks and reefs, the cobia is often found off south Florida and the Florida Keys. In early spring, migration occurs northward along the Atlantic coast.
  8. Jonathan, How hard is it to find the old ocean masters??
  9. Hooker, Thx for the reply and I will check out the airwave.
  10. Cobia and Red drum caught on 2 oz. bucktail in Chesapeake Bay.
  11. Grayson, Thanks for your input and maybe I will do just that, hook up with some guys and see if it's something I really want to do and invest the money in.
  12. Beast, I will take a look at these reels too. Would they be better matched up with a 12' surf rod 3-8oz.? As far as braid goes on the 80W, most of what I have read says it's better to go with 130-200lb mono, especially if you're going to be in structure, less chance of losing the fish due to being cut off with braid.
  13. Grayson, When you say the TRX is unfishable to a you mean because you had the drag set to 60?? Couldn't you have lowered the drag??
  14. Brian, I do hope to be able to report back on how chosen tackle works out. Another reason for choosing the tackle is everything I've read is, get the fish in as fast as possible vs a 1-2 hour long fight and then have the fish die of exhausting. Maybe the Avet TRX 50W would be a better choice...... But that's why I came to this forum, to ask you guys, the experienced ones, the ones with the knowledge, to see what you guys think....... and hope to come away with a well rounded and informed decision.