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  1. i'll take it. pm me and we can go from there.
  2. respectfully offer $200 shipped
  3. are you selling 3 different items? pix?
  4. offer still stands at $120 shipped
  5. ok, sounds good. so are we good on the 120 to include shipping?
  6. zip is 53950 what are the measurements of the split?
  7. any pics? interested for $120 shipped
  8. Got it, thx for reporting back.
  9. wondering how the 6-12 is working for you...that is if you have used it?
  10. Ged, do you have everything to switch it back to a lefty and 27?
  11. respectfully offer $450 shipped pp.
  12. fishjunkie64, i respectfully offer $40 shipped
  13. sorry wampire just saw your earlier post that its an ugly stick.
  14. What rod are you using, size, know.. all the specs? How's that 10500 holding up? Looking at using the 10500 myself with whatever rod I end up having made or buying factory.