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  1. Looks like he has no choice but to kill his parents now
  2. I try to avoid huge steaming piles of chit, but wayne must stink F*** you Wayne
  3. Whos Wayne?
  4. There will be, for the first couple weeks at least
  5. This is good, but money is nothing to these players/teams
  6. im 6`3 , about 190 pounds budget 1000-1300$, not including accessories, since I can upgrade over time and get those The deepest I would wanna fish would be 15-80 ft when im on a lake, but it would be mostly for lakes, and back on rivers in saltwater, not in the main water or even near the mouth where the creek gets close to the surf, but I would like to run it in further back up the rivers off the ocean I would just need to take neccessory gear for trip im on, fish new rod reel, etc And I have a truck, was thinking could transport it in the back
  7. I have always liked the idea of having a nice little Kayak made for fishing. I have a small boat but I would like to be able to take a Kayak with me sometimes when I cant take my boat. Plus I fish a bunch of small private ponds for largemouth that I cant put my boat into. Im going to be fishing alone most of the time anyway, it would also be helpful to take when I go to the coast so I could put it in and run up some of the rivers off the big water. I have a couple questions, I have been doing some research on it, but there is just so many to pick from and I was wondering a couple things as far as specifications. I am leaning towards a pedal powered one, to me that would seem pretty essential when you are fishing out of it 90 percent of the time, im sure its not a necessity, but IMO it seems like it would be best, is this the case? Like I said I have never used one for fishing and am a beginner to the sport, just looking as a weekend warrior kind of guy, how much is a good amount to put into it money wise to make sure that It isn't a POS, but I also don't want a hardcore top of the line one. Lastly, I fish in a couple big lakes for stripers, hybrids, and largemouth, is this something that I could put into a large lake and cover enough ground in it to make it worth it, I ask also because I never really see anyone in Kayaks fishing at the lake, Lots at the coast and in rivers but not so much the lake. Thanks
  8. I got a factory wood for ya
  9. Can someone PM me where the sale is at, it feels like a inside joke, an im sitting on the front porch
  10. Happens every year of late
  11. good god
  12. 3 times on sunday
  13. lol
  14. I am 26. but I find myself thinking back to when I was younger and the times I spent with friends and different females without a care in the world, and it makes me sad and want to go back. You have to make time for the friends that you love and care about because one day you will only have the memories of the times spent to get you by
  15. Good morning, finally about to go to sleep, got today off, see yall at 3 pm