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  1. This very light! Looks awesome too, is it an 11' or 10'?
  2. Thanks for all the help brother, will definitely keep all this in mind when building the next rod.
  3. I'm used to throwing a shorter 9oz Lamiglas so maybe thats why it seemed a little heavier, but will definitely work on casting more with this rod so I get used to it.
  4. I'm using a VR150 on it
  5. I just had my 11' CTS VT (1-3oz) completed a few weeks ago and the rod felt a little heavier than what I expected. The rod has the Fuji Alkenite guides, size 20 fuji reel seat, and 1 layer of cork tape wrapped in a spiral with X wrap at the bottom end. The rod comes out to be around 12oz altogether and I was wondering if this might be considered heavy for a CTS or is 12oz a good weight for a spinning surf rod for casting plugs and bucktails.