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  1. Come on my friend. Let’s focus on the fisheries !!!
  2. Sorry guys but I hope you see how putting others down HURTS the fishery !!! We need to learn from our mistakes !!!
  3. I have taken time for reflection on that. I ask my grandpa for forgiveness. It was a mistake. You have every right to call me out !!! Now let’s work together to save the fisheries !!!
  4. I appreciate your comments and hope it brought you satisfaction but you should know that people have already expressed interest. We will all wish you well with fishing and General health and happiness. We must ALL work to protect our fisheries !!!
  5. I can’t say it enough. If we want to CATCH fish we need to start with being RESPECTFUL and being role models to younger generations. We all make mistakes and that is all right!!! Now let’s LEARN from our mistakes. Let’s stop posting glory shots of little fish just to BOOST our egos. Let’s stop making jokes about our spouses or putting our families second or third. Let’s stop snagging pogies just for fun !!! Let’s also stop blaming the commercial fishermen !!! Maybe we can all get together sometime and talk about how to make sure next season and future seasons is better. I will bring some lessons I learned from my grandpa. Is anyone interested in joining ???
  6. WOW. I did not realize my friends on here included such world class fisherman !!! My grandpa used to tell me if I tried hard I would become a REAL man !!! You are proof and inspiration that he was CORRECT !!!
  7. This is troubling for younger generations. Would anyone be interested in a meet up to talk about what’s going on here ??? This is a sad point for the FISHERY when fish are getting hammered over and over like this. And this is clear we can’t BLAME the commercial guys !!!
  8. Let me see if I can edit !!!
  9. It was a beautiful morning !!! I won’t get into the number of fish we caught because that would make it a spot burn !!! The water coming out at low tide could not have been more than a foot in spot but there were still stripers active and eating in there. I think eating eels and maybe PEANUTS. Is it normal for stripers to eat in this shallow water and for us to be able to catch so many ???
  10. Yes EXACTLY !!!
  11. Mal I am proud to share this SPIRIT with you !!! It would be great to hit up the flats if you have time !!!
  12. TOTALLY AGREE !!! I still can’t believe the term was suggested !!!
  13. This attitude sets a very bad EXAMPLE for future generations. Please try to keep in mind younger people are looking to us to be role models. I don’t know about you but I want the fishery to exist 12 years from now !!!
  14. I am PROUD to stand beside you Atlas !!!
  15. The term BABYSITTER makes me very nervous for our fishery and future generations. It is very important that we show RESPECT and be role models for younger people who will read these post and hear such terms. My Grandpa was my babysitter many days and he ALWAYS protected me. This term is saying that babysitters will just sit and watch as a member of younger generations is put in danger. People wonder why the fishery is suffering and it isn’t commercial fisherman. It is these people who want to post FACEBOOK glory shots. Guess what if babysitters were involved they failed and now the fishery suffers !!!