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  1. Ditto on the fries. Some thinly veiled advice for you is to search an area and see if there is a small convenience store serving the ultra wealthy summer crowd. If there is they probably have a deli section and crank out lobster rolls and similar grub. Go there and observe for a few minutes midday. While fishing is slow the rich people “bite” will be strong. Watch what they pair their sandwiches with. Sometimes it’s a tough population and they will care about health. A side salad “bite” will be a signal to run for the hills or a place with heavier visitors like OOB. If you see people going heavy on French fries LOAD UP !!! Get an order and ask them to make them soggy. High brow yuppies will judge you but they will be jealous when you’re pulling in the stripers. Take those fries and a circle hook with a two ounce pyramid weight. Cut a small ridge on either side of the fry to release essential odors. Try not to keep in open air too long and find a nice rip in the waves or structure to get that fry into. Then buckle up !!! Lots of keepers take fries during their summer visit to Maine. And by the way if you get into fry fishing don’t get me started on finding little fried seafood joints on brides or piers. buckle up !!!
  2. I’ve been whipping up a storm with our striped friends when I’ve fished this year. And yes !!! to frozen Mack’s. Fresh is better but with both the secret is to buy a gallon of apple cider and some spices. Let the bait soak in this for a few minutes and then you are good to go. Make sure to use circle hooks !!!
  3. That wasn’t just sand. Look closely and then look at his hands in other photos. So much for us having a healthy striper population five years from now !!!
  4. All of your reply comments make total sense man. What if we all agree not to post unnecessary fish photos like this one? You have a good spirit and knowledge of the fishery. Lead us by example and do no more photos. This would earn all of our respect and we would also be saying thank you for this.
  5. Good god. Was the pic really worth torching the fish in the sand?
  6. I have good luck with a dancing crab pattern. It doesn’t produce big numbers of fish but the fish it produces are big. It took me a while to master the presentation and retrieve. I thought dance was just a funny name! If you want to give it a try make sure you don’t wear lose clothing. You want to make sure your dance motions are carry over to the line and fly as natural as possible. If done correctly you should wind up with an equal amount of line wrapped around each of your legs at the end of the retrieve. This is the one time where “DONT BE A DRAG” is bad advice!!
  7. I have created a system to randomize my decisions. I like that it’s most ethical and it is also very good for my well being. I first read read the reports. Next I check what number sequence the comment is that caught my attention. If it’s an odd number I go to that spot but only if the trip will be at a moment in time where the temperature is forecasted to be rising or steady. If the comment was an even number I simply flip a coin. If it lands tails then I go to that spot. PM me for info on my system for randomizing lures of bait. I could show you how to build a WHEEL OF FORTUNE if you have a pickup truck.
  8. I can’t stand the crowds and trash. This fish was NOT caught in the Saco!!!!
  9. Guys. I have to confess. I was kidding. I called this joke, in my head, “Stripers 2018.” It’s actually an April Fool’s joke...just showing up a bit late.
  10. I was given a nice 9 weight fly fishing rod and reel setup. It’s got floating line and I’m able to cast saltwater flies. I know I’m going to get a striped bass soon and am hoping to get two final Maine saltwater species using athis rod. I got the easy ones like bluefish already! any advice on how to approach these would be so help. Thank you!!!!! 1: Northern Pike (Sea-run) 2: Haddock Thanks again. I know I might need sinking line but hope to use floating approach.
  11. I spent the day scouting a bunch of spots in Southern Maine. I spent the most time looking around the Saco at popular spots and a couple less known access points. It was interesting to see tons of cormorants and seals at both ends of the river (mouth and below both dams) but I didn't see a single one nab a fish. I tried a couple go-to shad holes and came up empty handed. Do the birds and seals just sit tight knowing fish will arrive soon or was I missing something? On a more exciting note I could into a schoolie in a river a little further north. Maybe a holdover?
  12. Hi all. First time posting here! I visited a few go-to spots today in Southern Maine. In a couple spots where I don't usually see seals, they seemed to be having a field day along with the cormorants. I didn't have any luck and didn't see any fish other than what was being eaten by the professional fisherman swimming about. What are they after right now? Herring?