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  1. Was thinking of escaping the canal this weekend and try my luck on sand. Any areas I should focus on like bayside or ocean side.
  2. I say anyone with a gopro on there head or chest should be thrown in to swim with the fishes
  3. they did this with wachusett reservoir a long time ago. i would be fine with that.
  4. I heard one at 4am one at 7am and one at the 11oclock high tide
  5. My 2nd top producing color next to green mac
  6. Montauk south of the light was on fire this morning
  7. I heard it from my back porch as I was getting ready to go out.
  8. Nope might want to wait a few more weeks
  9. I'm going to answer like all the walmart special googans and say my magic swimmy
  10. Anyone willing to share any stretches or areas that are good for spinfishing?
  11. how do you grow cantelopes? i think my dad tried a few yeas ago to no avail.
  12. It's a tailwater fishery so the fishing is good all year long.
  13. Yup with their daiwa bg and mogo/tfo combo and act like they know everything.
  14. in all honesty there isnt a bad time to throw a pencil. except if the water is weeded up around high tide and your plug is being fouled every cast