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  1. End message.
  2. Did you just call me a squirrel? Dont go throwin wack ideas around....
  3. What's the difference. Their both awesome catches....
  4. You have a better chance of catching a snook from the pier bubba...
  5. Never*
  6. I believe you. But for 5 bucks shell talk about anything you want and agree with you and for a 20 spot shell rub your hump in your jeans...I've had one tell me I doing it wrong either. Lol
  7. I banned myself from taverns. Strictly strip clubs now. A pair of tits is far better then a dicknose
  8. I am special! Memba that always....
  9. Platinum.....
  10. Yo! Dont I get any credit?
  11. Here's my latest addition. 20180401_095633_001.mp4 20180401_095633_002.mp4
  12. I salute you Mr. Fishing Board tips guy...
  13. I put that **** on