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  1. You can try in tidal marshes or wading during low tide. Don't know what impact all this rain is having on the crabbing or water clarity.
  2. How's the summer inshore blackfish bite?
  3. Snapper and porgies bite is hot in West Haven.
  4. Somehow a 12" fluke got past the sea robins two days ago. I stopped counting at 20 sea robins on that trip.
  5. Not in the least.
  6. If they came inshore I would be all over it.
  7. Went out yesterday, got on porgies, sea robin, schoolies and weakfish. No fluke yet but the robins a in pretty thick. Bunker have also appeared.
  8. Was hoping to discourage the practice by creating awareness.
  9. Doubtful.
  10. Undersized schoolie rack found at Oyster River Point in West Haven this morning. DEEP Law Enforcement - 860-424-3333 Turn In Poachers (TIP) 800-842-4357
  11. Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Council Modifies Black Sea Bass Regulations for CT in 2018 The Black Sea Bass regulations for CT have been modified based on action on May 3, 2018 by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission's (ASMFC) Interstate Fisheries Management Program Policy Board, and Summer Flounder, Scup and Black Sea Bass Management Board wherein 2018 recreational measures for the Northern Region states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York were revised. Connecticut's new Black Sea Bass regulations will be in place when the Black Sea Bass season opens on May 19, 2018. The regulations for 2018 will be as follows: General Anglers- 15 inch minimum length. Five fish per day from May 19 -December 31, 2018. Party/Charter Boats - 15 inch minimum length. Five fish per day from May 19 - August 31, 2018; then 7 fish per day from September 1 - December 31, 2018. For more information please read the press release from the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission.
  12. As hoped the bite has turned on. Evening on the outgoing seems to be best.
  13. Each year I run into a surge of sea robins before getting on the fluke bite. Could be that I fish near bays in waters no deeper than 20'.
  14. I'm with your I don't understand the regs, do togs spawn when the water hits 50? And I hear you on the poaching. Asian shore crabs are plentiful and work for other species. Caught plenty of porgies, black sea bass, dogfish and sea robins on them.
  15. Wondering if they'll be any changes to black sea bass before the season opens.