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  1. A quick plug for Mike Rice from Mud Dug Flies. Flies are top quality, durable, and most importantly, catch fish.
  2. I fished the Essex River Thurs - Sun. Our house is right on the marsh so I was able to fish both sides of each high tide. They definitely followed a pattern. It would be quiet for a long while, then a school of 18-20" fish would come up the channel and pin bait against the sandbar. I was on the fly - they would eat anything I threw at them, from a black popper to a chartreuse Clouser. Each school was good for a couple fish, then they'd leave and things would quiet down again. Happened ay least once per session (maybe more often, I just had kids to attend to).
  3. +1 Love it for tarpon - from juvies to the big girls.
  4. I'm chuckling at the last line here, because my only exposure to Art Lee was a couple times hanging around the Orvis NYC store and he would call in with the river report. Every guy working there knew they were in for at least 30 minutes on the phone. Hysterical to watch - they'd take a deep breath to steel themselves, pick up the phone and say "Hello, Art." Only happened a couple times, but I always think of it when I hear his name.
  5. Would you be willing to trade for a Sage Motive 909-4? Very good condition. I haven't examined it closely recently, happy to send pics.
  6. I fish the St Croix Mojo Bass. It's 7'11" 7wt. 2pc. I have a beautiful sage 7wt that I use for bones, but I find myself grabbing the St Croix to bang around for bass. 150 bucks - tough to beat.
  7. Skip is the man! Although his brother Al stuck a 40+ incher a couple weeks ago. Must have chapped Skip's behind
  8. Unless you want to fish the canals for peacocks, I would recommend getting a guide. There's a chance you'll find a snook cruising the beach, but I wouldn't hold my breath. You have a couple of options out of Miami. The closest and most convenient is fishing Biscayne Bay. I've fished with Steve Horowitz. Biscayne Bay is highly pressured, but you should have shots at tarpon and big bonefish, maybe a permit if you're lucky. The other option is the Glades, and it is world class. Big tarpon, reds, snook, triple tail, sharks, crocs, you name it. Note that Florida City is 45 minutes from south beach, and Flamingo is 45 minutes from there. Lots of guides down there; I know Jason Sullivan from Rising Tide Charters won the Orvis Saltwater Guide of the Year. Never fished him, but that's pretty good bonafides. Good luck!
  9. Maybe I'm not as sentimental as the others, but I can't imagine placing value on small pieces of monofilament, regardless of who may have tied them together.
  10. Hi Bill - thanks. That line has a tropical core and I'm looking for a cold water line, so I'll pass. Thanks.
  11. Hi Bill - have you heard about Panfish Pandemonium? Fun panfish shootout in Prospect Park in a few weeks. I'll be there!
  12. Quoting so you'll see this
  13. Is it the Mastery or wavelength Titan? If so, I'll take it.
  14. I fish the estuaries of northern MA and there are schoolies there all summer long. We have a little cabin on the salt marsh; I try to fish each incoming and outgoing tide. I can usually pick up a fish or two, even in the middle of the day. At night I switch to black gurglers, listen intently, and whiff the strip set.
  15. Got it, check out Rio's Directcore Flats Pro Stealth Tip. I use 12wt for adult tarpon. You can find the grain weight you want. It's pricey, but it casts great and has fooled enough tarpon for me that I won't change.