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  1. Looking to set up a tarpon rig, and was curious if anyone had experience with the Sci Anglers Amplitude tapers. The Tarpon taper looks like an obvious fit, but the Grand Slam looks like it would load better in close. Wondering if anyone had experience with them. Thanks.
  2. Two words: Gartside's Gurgler. Made for stripers. If the water is really choppy, I switch to a Bob's Banger or even a boodle bug.
  3. Sounds pretty successful, actually - and bravo to you for starting out on permit. I'm sure more than a few of us have had permit days where we barely get a shot at all, much less an eat. I've been focused on flats fishing for the past couple of years, and I've found the education to be painfully slow, but steadily progressing. The first couple times out I couldn't even see fish until they were under my rod tip (and even then...). Then I could see them, but invariably freak out and blow the shot. Then I could calm myself to make the shot, but invariably muff the set. After a couple years, I can now sometimes pull it all together and land a fish. Sometimes. (I should note that my first time ever flats fishing I got a Grand Slam, which greatly annoyed the people in the lodge and gave me outsize confidence in my angling abilities, confidence that was quickly corrected the next day when I got skunked.)
  4. Never tried this. I'll give it a shot - thank you!
  5. Ain't that the truth. A fly reel seems like it would be a very simple and easy thing to operate - until you have an albie swimming directly at you.
  6. I was really disappointed by this article. One thing I have found and appreciated about fly fishing is that most everyone I meet assumes responsibility for the fishery. If they misstep (like pulling fish of redds), it's because they just didn't know better. This seems to be an exception.
  7. There are three types of people in this world: Those who can count, and those who can't.
  8. I thought he meant because of the teeth, but as far as I can tell, white perch don't really have teetch. I also love smoked bluefish.
  9. I have the Redington Butter Stick 370-3. I use it mostly for sunfish. I enjoy casting it, and I love that an 8" fish will bend you to the grip. I never fished the old time rods - but I do have fun with this one.
  10. This is, of course, correct. I guess the extra line simply gives me peace of mind. Worth it.
  11. I always start with a chartreuse half n' half. Best of both worlds. How'd it go?
  12. 250 Yards. I'm unlikely to need all of it, but 200 feels like its cutting it close.
  13. Just Googled it. Looks like its in the middle of nowhere. I'm jealous. In stillwater that Rio line should do you fine. You might also consider a full sink in case they go deep and you need to dredge them up. I've always been partial to the Orvis Depth Charge.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I tried the Google. Hard to believe any company doesn't have a website these days.
  15. +1 I usually take a beetle pattern and cut off the legs. It's boring, but it works.