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  1. A couple nice stripes from the marsh. Mostly on the outgoing tide - for a while they were in thick, 3 or 4 casts in a row.
  2. I'd consider Sandy Hook in NJ. Miles of beach to fish, and there's a ferry from Manhattan...
  3. What I don't know about bass fishing could fill a couple of books. Having said that, I once read a good tip in trying to find big fish - imagine you were the biggest, baddest mofo in the river and could pick any place to hang out, where would that be? Fish there.
  4. I fished a black Gurgler the other night and found I had an interesting problem. When I fish top water during the day, it's very visual, and I am pretty good at maintaining composure when they boil behind it or short strike. I keep stripping and they usually take on the second or third go. At night, however, when I couldn't see it but I could hear it, I got the yips - 3 or 4 times I yanked the fly out of the water and missed the set. Something about the big splash in darkness messed with my psyche. Had to switch to a baitfish pattern to land fish.
  5. Makes sense, Tim. Thanks.
  6. Lots of fish in the Essex river and the Merrimack - the estuaries are fishing really well. Here’s one I caught in the Essex river at sunset (on a rod I bought from @Cast Away)
  7. How about a 9WT Orvis Clearwater matched with a Orvis Hydros SL IV (w/20# backing). I'll throw in a WF9F Hydros Striper line - $275 shipped.
  8. I would fish a Clearwater over an Access, personally. I love the Clearwater 9WT and the somewhat moderate action will be a little more forgiving. I fish mine with a 350gr orvis depth charge. That reel will work fine, just don't put too much backing on it. It's (mostly) there to hold line.
  9. Strip set is vital, but the rod should not be engaged with the fish until after you set. You should have your rod tip pointed down while retrieving (I basically keep the tip submerged in the water) and set with that tip down. If you try to set with the rod tip in the air, you'll never set the hook. The timing strip set is a bit hard to explain. Effectively you keep retrieving until you feel the line stop, then you give it a little jab. Not too hard; remember you only need to bury that hook point 1/2" at most, and stripers do not have bony mouths. I'm never in a huge rush to bring the rod tip up, you can basically hand line the fish for a quick moment and bring the rod tip up slowly. It's 100% my favorite part of catching fish on the fly - it feels like you have them by the tail. If I'm totally honest, the rest of the fight kind of bores me. I like the Yes.
  10. This may be an unpopular opinion but I don't think of A River Runs Through It as a movie about fly fishing (despite its opening line). To me it's a movie about love and loss that features some gorgeous shots of fly fishing. If I had to guess, it was that photography that spurred people to the rivers, not the movie per se. I like Seasons on the Fly with Greg Heister, and Silver Kings quite a bit. There's another show called Chasin the Sun where they sometimes fly fish, but it's mostly chunking bait. There's another show called Sweetwater with a couple glitter boat bass guys that I also like - they fly fish some stocked stream near Table Rock (which I only know from the Roland Martin theme song). They are good natured and they're honest about just starting out, but they really can't fly fish and it's painful to watch.
  11. Worth the extra $25 not to cross the bridge for me. I'll take 350 shipped.
  12. Agree - I have the Torque 9 and the drag is smooth as any I've ever fished. Almost zero start-up inertia.
  13. I'd look here on eBay for used rods in decent shape. You can get top of the line from just a few years ago within that budget. Also: Redington Vapen 10WT
  14. I fish structure for pike here in NJ, and I'm throwing mops heads all day long. It gets very tiring with a 7WT, I vastly prefer a 9WT. However, because you're targeting LMB and SMB I might compromise with the 8WT. Just bring advil for your elbow.
  15. Would you consider $325 with pickup in Manhattan?