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  1. I started a similar thread about 6 weeks ago because I had the same experience. On different set ups with perfect guides. Only constant was using Power Pro braided. Happened with both 20# and 30#
  2. Am I the only one that thinks TA clips are a pain in the ass? I find them impossible to get on most buck tails and plugs.
  3. I’m in White Plains, NY. I’m m interested if you’re willing to ship.
  4. Pick up where?
  5. I can meet early tomorrow morning- around 8:00am
  6. In White Plains. Where could you meet?
  7. I paired a vs150 with Century sling shot 10’6” and it threw a mile.
  8. It's crazy. My immediate thought was that it was me or my tackle. Never had a problem with PP line while reeling in a lure or a striper; just casting plugs (and expensive ones at that). But as I've stated, in all my years fishing I've never had this issue.
  9. I am not assuming anything. I’m just stating facts and asking questions. And rest assured that I thoroughly checked all guides and reels before posting.
  10. On three occasions with 2 different set-ups while casting a lure my line snapped. The guides are perfect and I didn’t notice fraying. I’ve been fishing for 50 years and never had this issue. The only constant was using Power Pro braid. First 2 times it happened was 20lb and this morning 30lb. Anyone else can experiencing this issue? Looks like I’ll be changing the line on my reels. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. I too will offer $20 shopped.
  12. If that’s it then that’s it. glws
  13. Agree. Love it.
  14. I can do $90. Thx.
  15. I had a 150 on a 10’6” Century and it worked well. Wouldn’t sweat it.