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  1. this fish is called -peskandritsa or braska - in greece! it maybe be ugly but it is the best fish for soup!
  2. is 4ips enough to get down at deep water as the one i described?i have taken topwater hits with lures at the edge of the drop off but most fish hit on soft lures bounced along the bottom
  3. can a noisy topwater bring up a fish tha hanging on the bottom from 8-9 meters deep?
  4. I have fished this place with spinnig gear! to be honest i have caugth bass with topwater and minnow lures across this drop off! but the most consitent way to catch them it was going down with a slug-go type soft lure and jighead 20gr+.thats where the most and biggest bass was! and they were were pretty close to me...only 5 meters far from the edge of the drop off where i wass tanding! maybe that was the point where the drop off ended and the bottom started!shall i go for full sinking line or sink tip?
  5. my rod is 8/9 weight so i can even buy the 300 grain who has an 7.2 sink rate right? rio give the 300 grain for 8/9 weigt
  6. the drop off exists 5 meters in front of the mouth of the river! the strong current when the flow from the river is strong breaks the soft sandy bottom and creates this drop off!
  7. Hello bonefishdick ! about what density we speak? di3? it di3 enough to fish at this depth?
  8. Hello slip!with spinning gear some times if you retrieve a minnow typoe lure over the drop off you may have a take from bass! bast most times this wont work! especially in winter when the water temprature is low bass hang on the bottom and they dont look upwards to the surface...only with soft lures like slug-go with jigheads 20gr+ you can send it right at the bottom and bounce it! most times this is the most effective technique to catch bass at thsese places. can i fish so deep with fly fishing?
  9. Hello! in 1 of the spots i fish for bass when i am wading the depth is 3 feet! but suddenly it has a drop off that goes to from 3ft to 19ft deep! sometimes especially at night or in murky water and waves bass climb this drop off and they come to the shallow water to feed! but a lot of times especially when the weather conditions are good they are very shy and they dont climb that drop off! can i target them with the 8wt fly rod at this depth? and what type line do i need to fish so deep? keep in mind that sometimes this drop off has a slight current because its near an estuary.
  10. i still not have faith in boston! even with 2-0 up! too slow team to win on the road and i think the cavs will snatch 1 of the 2 games remaining in boston! too bad kyrie is injured its the drama we all wante to see!
  11. Hello gilbey! can you fish this pattern as a surface diver? strip it to dive just below surface and then stop to come on the surface again!
  12. Our Airtec large arbor has been machined using the very lightest bar stock aluminium and compliments our modern lightweight rods. A fully sealed, salt water resistant drag system is housed within this aesthetically pleasing reel.
  13. i just saw that gary evans has a very good package! Airflo Bluetooth Nan-Tec #8/9 Rod – MRP £119.99 Airflo Saltwater Fly Line – MRP £44.99 (Choose Cold Water or Tropical) Airflo Airtec Reel – MRP £59.99 175yd Spool of 30lb Backing – MRP £8.99 Dragon Saltwater Fly Selection – MRP £7.99 From 241$ just 169$ !!! you think worth the try?? its not the airflo switch reel with spare spools but it has a sealed drag and in my eyes it is a wonderfull offer!
  14. the bluetooth lods good with an 8 or 9 wt line?
  15. wow esa you were completely instructive! thanks a lot of the information! i think i will go for the budget gear that worked well for you! the airflow bluetooth nano and the airflo switch package alongside the cold saltater intermediate line!differences are too small to be worried from so early on as you described! i will understand what i need from my own will guide me to the right direction. mike before one year i was intrested to join the society as a spin fisherman! i communicate with someone on facebook that posted some photos from the magazine but he ignored me...i got no answer so i abandoed it! All this american books i read about fly fishing make this leader tippet section a lot more difficult that actually is! they speaking about leaders with knots of diffferent lb lines or tapered leaders! as you say it is not something i ahve to worry about! i am a bit confused at this subject still but i will search and find the solution...i think i ll get the bluetooth rod with the airflo switch package to see if the etchnique fits me at the start!with the coldwater intermediate line...can you tell me the exact name of the line so i can find the correct one on google?because it gives me 2 choices and i dont know which one is the line you are speaking of!i have contacted to the guy from -fly fishing in greece- and he said me there is no interest from noone here in greece for have a personal mesage too check it