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  1. Hello gilbey! can you fish this pattern as a surface diver? strip it to dive just below surface and then stop to come on the surface again!
  2. Our Airtec large arbor has been machined using the very lightest bar stock aluminium and compliments our modern lightweight rods. A fully sealed, salt water resistant drag system is housed within this aesthetically pleasing reel.
  3. i just saw that gary evans has a very good package! Airflo Bluetooth Nan-Tec #8/9 Rod – MRP £119.99 Airflo Saltwater Fly Line – MRP £44.99 (Choose Cold Water or Tropical) Airflo Airtec Reel – MRP £59.99 175yd Spool of 30lb Backing – MRP £8.99 Dragon Saltwater Fly Selection – MRP £7.99 From 241$ just 169$ !!! you think worth the try?? its not the airflo switch reel with spare spools but it has a sealed drag and in my eyes it is a wonderfull offer!
  4. the bluetooth lods good with an 8 or 9 wt line?
  5. wow esa you were completely instructive! thanks a lot of the information! i think i will go for the budget gear that worked well for you! the airflow bluetooth nano and the airflo switch package alongside the cold saltater intermediate line!differences are too small to be worried from so early on as you described! i will understand what i need from my own will guide me to the right direction. mike before one year i was intrested to join the society as a spin fisherman! i communicate with someone on facebook that posted some photos from the magazine but he ignored me...i got no answer so i abandoed it! All this american books i read about fly fishing make this leader tippet section a lot more difficult that actually is! they speaking about leaders with knots of diffferent lb lines or tapered leaders! as you say it is not something i ahve to worry about! i am a bit confused at this subject still but i will search and find the solution...i think i ll get the bluetooth rod with the airflo switch package to see if the etchnique fits me at the start!with the coldwater intermediate line...can you tell me the exact name of the line so i can find the correct one on google?because it gives me 2 choices and i dont know which one is the line you are speaking of!i have contacted to the guy from -fly fishing in greece- and he said me there is no interest from noone here in greece for have a personal mesage too check it
  6. orvis clearwater is for sure my first choice but i dont know if i have the budget! as a cheaper alternative i am looking at the airflo bluetooth nano! i just checked the video on vimeo and i understand a lot thank you Esa its the yellowstone angler 8wt shoutout that make my mind think faster rod= greater distance and most expensive rod= more power and distance! as it seems its the classic marketing trick as always!as you consider i am between the 2 rods (clearwater and bluetooth naono) but i am edging towards the bluetooth beacuse of the price! its nice trick the leader thing to not spook the fish but sometimes when you are searching for the fish the line will land over the fish because you dont know exactly where the fish holds...the airflo coldwater line seems nice and it will be my buy i think at intermediate! you have tried the airflo ridge striper? mike i understand now! its like spinning a regular-fast rod is more forgivable than an extra fast rod! more forgivable in casting and fight the fish!its the same at fly! so i have no reason to go to something fast if it didnt give me extra distance! i am edging at the airflo bluetooth compared to orvis because of price!and at lamson liquid for reel! the rod is 8/9 weight so both of us will be satisfied the question about the leader is this! the simple fluoro as the leader gives the same things a the tappered leader?because the diametre of the 2 leaders is different. the first is always the same but the second it becomes thiner as we go to the low end! In greece there was only 1 swff but he is innactive at the moment he has found new hoobies! for freshwater fly there 30-50 people but they dont have an open forum so i cant take something from them!3 open forums for spinning but nothing for fly!it seems weird to you to not fly fishing in greece but believe me its the sad truth spinning dominates the market here!we greeks we are known for the easy result and we are not like difficult journeys... you are talking about the BASS anglers sportfoishing society?
  7. well esa so you dont need a fast rod to cast a lot of feet! you can do it with a moderate-fast rod too and the differences are 1m maximum! mike it seems i have got a lot of bad information outthere!i thought that stiffer rods cats far longer than moderate-fast!i told that faster rods cast better against wind too!i have seen a lot of videos how to double haul but it is different when you practice it alone!noone is fly fishing saltwater here in greece so there is no teacher or another angelr to teach me!i have read 3 books for fly fishing -fly rodding the coast- -saltwater fly fishing- and -fly fishing the surf- but they are more general fishing books than fly fishing books but they have a chapter for fly casting!the condiitons i typically fish is pretty calm with small ripple as you descirebed! i like rough condition cause i think more bass are near the shore with difficult circumstances but i am fishing in a small gulf and i fish this condtion only 2-3 times a year!lure wize bass feed mainly with 9-12 cm lures and 14 maximum in the peak of the season!the biggest advantage fly fishing has over spinning is presentation thats why i was a bit worried about the heavier splash an 9wt line will do! the airflow coldwater fly line seems nice! i liked airflo ridge striper too some guys in holland and uk use it a lot! i am a bit confused in the leader section! leader and tipet are different things and exist in the saltwater fly fishing right? or it is just simple leader like it is at spinning?lamson liquid is the reel that caught my eye from the start. orvis clear water seems very nice rod and i like the option esa gave me the airflo bluetooth nano 8/9 ! i am fishing for bass with bait and spinning foir all my life so i know when and where to find them i just need the technique knowledge! thanks for the replies
  8. wow a lot of information! my mind is a bit confused at the moment!mike you have right about the spinning you have the same problem! 2 rods have fast action but in reality the one is fast and the other moderate fast! the same happens in fly with the -wt- factor! but in greece noone fishes the salt so i dont hjave information about the rods real WT. i have read that to start fly for bass you need a fast 8-9wt action rod a large arbor reel with good drag and floating,intermidate, and d3 sink line! and i am trying to figure it my self alone wioth no knowledge on the technique and the gear and noone to advice me!so forgive me if i am wrong in some things but i am trying to not get confused in all this information! so! to make all things in order! for reel airflo switch or lamson liquid(this was the reel tha clikced me from start) airflo coldwater intermidiate for airflo ridger striper and rio intouch striper for the reason i want it? and what rod?i liked fen wick aetos a lot for its price but airflo bluetooth seems nice too! wow this is a lot more confusing than spinning but thats the beauty !
  9. for start thanks a lot both for your interest! esa i have not seen the airflo bluetooth.its for saltwater use and it is 8/9 wt so no dillema which weight to choose! is it a fast action?i have seen orvis clearwater but i think its moderast-fast action and someone told me that this type of action doesnt excel in long distances that why i abandoned it! the airflo switch seems a really nice and cheap choice! do you had problem with corrision? MIke my concern for the 9wt over the 8wt is the presentation in calm condition where any splash in the water will spook the bass but you kno better so correct me if i am wrong!for lines i saw the airflo ridger striper floating and intermediate and iu liked it a lot! is it good for the job i want to use it? and last ... esa i am a completely novice i think i am newbie to learn to constract my own shootinmg head lines. my thought is to start with simple WF lines and after a year of fishing go to shooting head o understand the difference between the 2! am i wrong?
  10. Hello RJ! i have read somewhere that floating line is the easiest to cast and so you must learn to cast with a floating line! the problem here is that i have money to buy only 1 line to start!with an intermediate line i am not able to fish surface flies? Mike i ask SOL to take extra advice and compare opinions to see what is the best to buy! i have not take the last decision yet nor i have pull the triger for he rod!for example i didnt knew that i can use an 8wt line on an 9wt rod! can i make the same at the upper end?for example use a 9wt line in an 8wt rod?as for the dutch and uk guides some said that 8wt is goog to start some others said 8 or 9wt so its a pretty good debate. i have no exprerience with fly to understand why to buy an 9wt rod over another thats why i ask questions on SOL.the truth is that i fish in a small gulf here in greece that is not exposed in heavy winds because there are small mountains around!only south wind can make the fishing hard!but here in greec bass loves the bad weather and the murky water(in comparison to UK that i read that fishermen are searching mainly for clear water).what type of line should you recomend to start?and do you have any recommendations for rod and reel?ty for the replie and i have not any intension to offend anyone!
  11. thanks a lot for the information!I looked at the store and he has everything i need about! i think i ll buy lamson liquid fenwick aetos( i read that it is the best budget rod out there and it is cheaper than bvk) and rio intouch striper intermidiate for start! is it good for statrting gear? where do you fish in europe?because it different to fish at france ( you fish in the atlantic ocean) and its different to fish in greece( you fish in meditreranean see) where wind is not so strong! bear in mind that our sea bass average weight is between 1-3 kilos mostly and you ll be very lucky if you catch a bass at 5 kilos! also our bluefish are between 1-4 kilos. for some reason they arent growing so big as yours in america! for the rod weight sure you know better than me! but from some articles i read from england and dutch guides who fish bass from shore they say you ll need an 7wt for calm conditions and a 9wt for strong wind! an 8wt is a good all arounder! santorini is a very beatifull(and expensive) island! they have deep waters there and the island holds some different species of fish and i dont know if you can catch them on fly gear! fishes like amberjacks,dentex,group, gold grouper!
  12. some more information for the places i fish! absolutely stillwater or a little of current. depth is between 30cm and 3.5 meters maximum with average depth 1.5 meters!i think european seabass has the same habiatts as striped bass so a lot of flies i think should be exactly the same!
  13. Hello to everyone! i am new to fly fishing general and especially to SWFF(but not new to fishing i fish with spinning for 5 years).i am from greece and you cant find anything here for this technique nor gear nor knowledge!spinning dominates the market here absolutely!my target is to fish for sea bass mainly(also bluefish too beacause they live in the same places as seabass)!i know where to find them and when i know the tides and the moon phases so i am ok with watercraft!after a lot of research to the internet and a lot of articles and videos that i found i understand that i need an 8wt rod and reel for this type of fishing and 3 different types of lines(floating, intemidate and sinking).i searched a lot all the brands and i have some candidates for both reel and rod!for reel i liked a lot lamson liquid(especially the pack with the 2 spare spolls) reddington behemoth,orvis clearwater and piscifun plate!all of them have large arbors from 3.8 to 4 diametre!behemoth and piscifun are the only one that are given for saltwater use but has no sealed drag(i think liquid has ).i am edging towards the liquid mainly of the 2 extra spolls and the brand that i think is one of the best!also i spoke with some people that they use it at saltwater and they said me that they had no problem with corrosion with rinse after each session!now for rods i liked a lot fenwick aetos,tfo clouser,orvis clearwater,tfo bvk( a bit more expensive) and loop q !aetos, clouser and bvk are fast action.clearwater and loop q are more moderate-fast!i think i need a rod that is good at 75-80 feet and over beacuse at our waters we need some distance especially if we fish from the shore!thats all from me! if you have any extra suggestions for reels rod lines i want to hear!if there is a book that has some concetraded knowledge i would be thankfull!and sorry for the long post but i have a lot of questions!
  14. thanks a lot alan! i am new to fly fishing and i am trying to make the transition from spinning and it is a bit hard beacause the 2 techniques have very different styles! i think maximum 14cm is absolutely fine for our sea bass!
  15. how much is the maximum length of streamers divers and sliders i can cast with an 8weigt rod?i ask this because in winter sea bass feed with large baitfish 12-14 cm but as we go to spring they feed on smaller baitfish 9-11 cm! can i do both with an 8wt?