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  1. Lol. Missed a whole page of discussion
  2. The mirage drive will fit in this kayak or this pedal drive will fit in a hobie?
  3. Anyone heard of Riot Kayaks? They have a new pedal drive kayak. Still wide, but the bow has a shape designed for surf launch. Pedal drive has plastic gears and supposedly drains out any water. The 14 foot version may be interesting. The pedal drive apparently can be used on other kayaks as well that have an open drive well. Apparently cheaper than the pelican.
  4. Accurate Tern Star Drag. Less the $300. Better price than I expected
  5. Looks like accurate has one as well
  6. Just saw that avet on Instagram. Would definitely be nice to get an SX sized star drag
  7. Lol! I heard the patient had expired.
  8. Saw on the zoffinger YouTube channel what looks to be a new pedal kayak from pelican which will be revealed at icast. Looks similar to the mirage drive. Wonder what the price point will be.
  9. Sorry man. Thought I got back to you. Shipping won't work for me. Don't have something to ship the rod in and not worth trouble.
  10. Montgomery County.
  11. I actually have a 7'6" casting Teramar. 1/2 - 2oz if your interested. But farthest I'd go is King of Prussia.