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  1. Thanks! I'll check it out. I haven't heard of it before.
  2. Bfishes333, I do plan to fish the Desoto state park side of the bay and then down the West coast, including Bradenton, toward Marco Island next winter. Do you happen to know if there are resident juvenile tarpon in the mangrove forest backwaters year round from Bradenton south to Naples? What I'd really like to do is figure out juvenile tarpon. I used to fish for them in the canals during summer, but never fished them enough to understand them well.
  3. Crazybellringer, I probably already have a few in the form of Rapala Magnums in different sizes. What particular lure do you recommend?
  4. That white and chartreuse deceiver in the picture has been one of my bread and butter go-to flies for a long time.
  5. Bfishes333, The panhandle, near Panama City. Lots of beach there with good access. To all others who have helped me on this thread: Thank you! I appreciate the advice and I took a lot of notes. I'll stick with what I've got for now because there's a lot there to learn with. It'll take me quite a while to learn to use all of it. My hunch is that I'll want some more bucktails around 3/4 to 1oz, but I've got the stuff to make those with. One thing that occurred to me is that since night surf fishing right near the wash is so effective I probably don't even need to take a surf rod to fish the wash at night. I can just take my heavy baitcaster with a 7 foot rod. Oh well, I'll find out soon enough.
  6. Dennysnook, Thanks for posting this. Its the first I learned of it. I am saddened by his passing. I also celebrate the man for his true contributions to sport fishing. I believe he lived to about age 92 (?) I'll look up his obituaries and read about him. When I got into fly fishing, I used his book on fly casting to help me learn. When I got into saltwater fly fishing, his book on Saltwater Fly Fishing taught me everything I needed to know. It's still a great book for anyone who is interested in saltwater fly fishing. I liked his collaborations with Mark Sosin. One of the cool things about Kreh (pronounced cray if you hadn't heard it pronounced), is that he was inspired to take up fly fishing by Joe Brooks. If you like fly fishing, there are a couple of Joe Brooks books that may interest you: One is "Fly Fishing" from the late 1950s and "Salt Water Fly Fishing" from 1950. I've read the 1950 book on saltwater fly fishing and Brooks had it all figured out way back then. The info he gives on fishing still holds up today. Even his tackle choices mostly hold up today, except that faster rods have become favorites for long casts with big flies. Remember that Brooks wrote this shortly after nylon replaced silk as the material for fly line, bamboo was still the material for good fly rods, and people were still arguing about whether silkworm gut was better than nylon for leaders. Kreh carried on Brooks' legacy in great style and with great acumen, and we can all be thankful for this man's one great and influential life. May he rest in peace.
  7. I'm a big fan the banana shaped jigs like the "Goofy" jig and "Silly Willy" jig. On the beaches I usually use 3/4 oz yellow or white/pink tipped with FishBites, shrimp, or a finger mullet filet. They cast a long way, and they work great. I understand that they're popular for Spanish mackerel with folks that fish the sunshine skyway bridge.
  8. crazybellringer, That's a great idea. I have been using the Rapala saltwater Magnum minnow baits, mostly for trolling, and I never thought to use them for surf fishing.
  9. MitchellNJ, Thank you! It just occurred to me that others might be getting other recommendations too. I better take some notes! The original idea was just to post what I started with based on what I've read here and in books and magazines. We'll see how it goes. One thing I can pretty much guess is that these bigger plugs are going to be something to use early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Depending on how that goes, I may try some black lures. I don't know about the Zig Zag, but there's a great plug that I use from River2Sea called the Wide Glide. It's a saltwater tough slow sinking and well made lure that is inspired by the glide baits that are so effective for muskellunge fishing and northern pike fishing in northern Midwest and Canadian lakes. The big one is about 7.5 ounces and I fished it with my stout bait caster, and the small one is about 5 inches and is more manageable with my inshore rod. It has a wide side to side swimming action and it's a great "big fish" lure. This reminds me to try the big wide glide again with a surf rod.
  10. GreenMachine, Thanks. I do use those. I should have clarified that I'm new to surf techniques, but have been fishing Florida for quite a while. I like the DOA jigs, I was using Cotee jigs for a long time and like the quality, but I have not been able to find them for a while. DOA is doing a great job. Also, I've been fishing more with Hogy lures, including the "Original" Hogy that looks like a Sluggo. The plastic is softer and more wiggly than a Sluggo, but you can fish it the same. DOA Shrimp are a staple for me on the grass flats, usually Copper Penny color in clear water.
  11. Although my original plan was to fish bait with surf gear, I'm intrigued with the possibilities for surf casting with lures. I had only seen bait used in the past, with just some pompano jigs or small spoons as lures. But I'll try some of the bigger stuff, initially on the northern Florida Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Then taking a fall vacation to Long Island to try some of the surf fishing there. Here's what I've got, and I'll be experimenting with it over the next several months: (I like Kastmasters, and have fished them up to 1oz. Usually it's been 1/2oz. Will be using some bigger ones now that I have a beefier rod): 4oz Kastmaster with bucktail 2oz Kastmaster no bucktail 1.5oz Kastmaster with bucktail 1.5oz sinking Super Strike Little Neck Popper (white) 2 3/8oz sinking Super Strike Little Neck Popper (white) 2 3/8oz Super Strike N fish (needle fish lure) (white) 2oz Gibbs Pencil Popper (white) 1.5oz Magic Tail bullet head bucktails (white) Fat Cow 5 1/4 inch jig strips (white) That'll get me started and I'll adjust from there.
  12. MartyK, Another thing I observe is that when I'm fishing at beaches, I'm generally looking for structure that is worth working for a while. I may walk quite a while, and then I'll find a nice rip other structure, and I'll want to fish it for a while. Although I fish lures at these spots, often as prospecting tools to find out if "anybody's home", if there are fish present, I very often switch to bait because I know I've found the fish, now I need to make the most of it. What I most often see in Florida beach fishing is people that just walk up to the nearest spot on the beach, set up their umbrella and chairs and sand spikes, and start fishing. I don't think that's the best way to go about it. I like to find structure, test it, and then move if I don't catch something pretty soon. (Unless there's a really good reason to wait there, like the sun going down and knowing that fish usually turn on there at dark.)
  13. SC, Thanks! Now there's a vote of confidence. I didn't know they originated in FL waters, where I am most interested in using them. It makes sense. Needlefish are very common in southern waters. Best, RudyH2O
  14. Hello, I see some pretty nice pictures of people who have caught good fish, and they probably were alone at the time. Is there a good way to use a modern point and shoot camera so it looks like somebody was there to take the picture? I'd like to be in the pictures for memory sake. The pictures I have been taking are mostly pictures of my hand holding the fish. I'm sure that some kind of tripod or support is needed, but it would have to be small and portable for me to use it or even want to carry it.
  15. Hydraman, That's the way I think about it too. One thing that I'll add is that I've been using artificials so long that bait is like a new frontier. I've been using bait all along, but now I want to learn what its limits are.