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  1. Yea, don't think thats a big deal at all, as long as he wasn't bothering anyone, whatever, lot worse people can be doing these days.
  2. Want to thank you guys on this thread. I was in need of a belt before my trip coming up and was set on a duty belt off amazon just because of shipping time. A lot of you guys mentioned Tiderunner belts, I reached out to Steve and found out he lives 10 minutes from me and was able to go pick one up tonight. Looks great.
  3. Been holding out spending money on a nice bag for quite sometime. Found a 4th of July sale and just ordered a Gear-Up bag.
  4. Have gotten towed on the water more times than id like to admit (not on my boat), with sea tow , have had nothing but superb experiences with extremely professional captains. However, just bought my first boat in April. Got it from a guy in Jersey and had to tow it back to Long Island about 120 miles, 60 miles into the trip the trailer started to squeak and I looked to see smoke on the NJ Turnpike. Long story short the wheel bearing completely blew out, tire was completely off the luckily the fender sandwiched it on. Called AAA sent a big rig, dude told me, "this aint no good" Had to call a flat bed, put my 21ft boat with a hard top and rocket launchers on top of a flatbed, cleared overpasses, traffic lights and electrical wires by inches. Brought it to some **** yard in jersey, charged me $300 for the tow and redid both bearing assemblies ended up being $980. Terrible experience I now have sea tow, trailer coverage and boat insurance. I guess next time I buy a boat ill make sure everything is in order before I even pick it up.
  5. Dopee
  6. 7" bass assassin Bucktail
  7. I use a waterproof notebook. Date Time Location Weather (wind speed and direction, temp, water temp if you can get) Tide, Moon Fish caught, what you were using, who you were with, something you learned, something interesting Can be difficult to stay on top of it but its worth it. Obviously the more entires you have the more useful it will be. I only started finding it useful after keeping it for a full season (besides blatant trends like tides and what not) But once you start a new season you'll have an idea of where to go, what to use and what tide to target and WHEN it'll happen. Also fun to look back and see who you were with and how you did or other random stuff.
  8. Buddy of mine found this on the beach today (Long Island) Anyone know the maker of it? Definitely a canal style pencil.
  9. I got the Genesis 10ft last fall and love everything about it. I throw up to 4oz with it but mainly 1-3oz for the beach front
  10. Safety is always number one, anticipate other boats around you. Get a radio, always make sure to tell some one you're going out, where you're roughly going and when you expect to be back. Become comfortable with the waters. Google maps, pay $10 for navionics app, great for depths and what not. As for fishing, just do your homework (youtube, articles) make friends with your local tackle shop, keep it simple and learn something new every time your out. Throw poppers at sod banks, anchor up and drop some clams, get comfortable with bucktail/sinker weights. Have fun be safe.
  11. Agreed not worth the effort to try for this unfortunately scarce fish
  12. going to end this
  13. Just got a factory blemish (2 color) Avet MXL 6/4 for $267
  14. Thank You Tim S and SOL
  15. Also need a recommendation for a good set of pliers that will last longer with split ring capabilities