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  1. I bought a Sabiki rod at BSP and it works great. I use it with a Penn Squall reel. My primary use is jigging at a pier. It is a two piece and breaks down to 5' and 2' sections making it easy to store in my vehicle.
  2. Squid have been coming into the east end of the canal recently.
  3. The spikes on my Korkers destroy the rubber pedals on my canal cruiser. I used to replace the pedals every year with $6.00 replacements from Benny's. Now that Benny's is closed I will have to find another store that sells replacement pedals.
  4. You could likely get by with your felt/spiked soles. Just stay away from the heavy seaweed spots at low tide. If you plan to fish the CCC on a regular basis you would be wise to invest in additional footgear. I would guess 20% of the CCC regulars wear spiked footgear.
  5. I am not familiar with the felt sole and spiked boots for river fishing. At low tide the middle and east end of the canal has exposed seaweed covered rocks which makes for a treachorous trip to the waters edge. You could likely use the river fishing set up as the spikes do not have to be 1/2" deep to get a grip. Your physical condition, age and using careful foot placement come into play here.
  6. I have a red trim Slammer 3 6500. It is the high speed retreive model of the Slammer 3. I use it Surf casting, 1/2 top water, 1/2 jigging at the CC Canal. With certain top water plugs I am moving the handle so slow it looks like I fell asleep. However I am glad for the retrieve when I am reeling in 200 yds of line while jigging.
  7. I picked up a white one this winter and had an opportunity to use it yesterday. It seems to cast much better than the SP minnow due to the weight transfer design.
  8. I was fishing the canal this morning and tried to navigate under the power lines. Went past them and located when I circled back by the water drips coming off the wires.
  9. I crush the barbs on all my treble hooks for personal safety and quick realease of fish. I also replace rusty trebles hooks even if they are sharp for personal safety.
  10. I have never tried the aluminum bars, but have been using the spikes for 3 seasons. I am amazed at how durable the spikes have proven to be. I have not replaced any of them so far. These spikes are on the rocks once a week during striper season and submerged in the in the salt water also.
  11. There were a couple hundred herring at the canal run this morning making their way thru the ladder. Still not thick, but a good sign.
  12. You can run into sharks anywhere. I foul hooked a 4' sand shark in the canal two years ago Fathers day with a bucktail, jigging during daylight hours. I thought I had a 40 lb Striper till he came to the surface.
  13. I just returned from a week on Sanibel. The condo I stayed at was on the beach of the Gulf facing side. The parking at the Lighthouse and Blind pass was $5 per hour so I just fished the beach at the condo with fresh/frozen shrimp using 1/2 oz weight, 1/0 and 2/0 hooks. I caught a lot of catfish and a good amount of whiting or white fish up to 10". I live lined the whiting and got one pick up but lost the fish. Next time I go down I will try fishing the SanibelCauseway.
  14. Thanks for the info. I'll grab the right size lead and hooks at a local tackle shop when I arrive on Sanibel.
  15. I will be on Sanibel island the week of April 8th. I am vacationing with my wife so my fishing will mostly be daylight hours in an area she can sit in the sun or collect shells. I will try fishing Sanibel Pier, Blind Pass and the Sanibel Causeway. Any suggestions as to what species I should target. I will have a 3 section 9' surfcasting travel rod paired with a Shimano 8000D baitrunner.