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  1. Tomato question- I’ve heard that it is good practice to switch the ground nutrients up when the tomato plants begin to fruit. I can’t remember if you are supposed to go heavier on the N P or K. Anyone do this or have heard of it? Thanks
  2. I’m a vibe guy personally and your budget is right on target with getting into their seaghost 130. Its a little heavy (75lbs) but would be great for what you’re looking at doing. You can get a dolly if need be, but I’m 6’1” 225 and thrown mine (120T 73lbs) overhead and walk with it just fine. Holds 550lbs, 13’ long and 33” wide. If you have an 8’ bed you’ll be fine with the tailgate down and tying to your bed tie downs. $900 with seat and paddle. Has a rudder to help with tracking, pole holders, Scotty and rail mounts. The paddle that comes with it will be good to get you going, but you may find that you’ll want something a little longer and lighter since you’re 6’3” and the yak is 33” wide. Check out the Vibe owners Facebook group. It seems to be the most popular model and guys have done some pretty sick mods to it. I fitted my buddy’s for power for his trolling motor and fish finder and after doing some cruising on it I wanted one lol. There are a lot of options out there and many are good ones, but after all the reading and research we’ve done on the Vibe they are a great entry angler that will last you a good while. This is just my opinion and what I’d go with given my experiences and fitting it to your budget.
  3. These are really important things to know when choosing a kayak. I’ll add what type of water as well. A kayak that’s good for creeks, streams, ponds and small lakes won’t be enjoyable on open water like a bay or the ocean. Get all that together for us and we’ll be able to give you some good options. Just go into it thinking you’ll spend around $1k and you can come down or go up a little from there. The yak is the easy part, it’s the necessary accessories and transportation part that will hike the price up.
  4. Not sure if anyone else has seen this story floating around, but the real story made the original story worth mentioning. The first news about the incident was a guy was kayaking down the Edisto River when a rattlesnake fell from a tree, into his kayak and bit him multiple times. I guess his cousin’s conscience couldn’t handle it anymore and he told the news what really happened. I feel like I tend to be a compassionate person overall, and I know some people aren’t educated enough to not be reckless and do dumb things, but when someone’s stupidity runs in line with natural selection’s function I just can’t feel sorry for them when it runs it’s course. Don’t run with scissors, don’t paddle towards alligators, don’t pick up snakes...
  5. Trailer
  6. Lease (the musical)
  7. Yep I’m trying both. I use bacon grease to cook just about everything. Fried bread was something I saw in a black and white can’t remember which movie. Been doing it ever since. Funny thing about that...since I started using bacon grease on everything and drinking creamline milk my blood pressure and bad cholesterol went down. Imagine that. I may have to take a trip to bed bath and beyond just to find that gadget there. It will fix my poaching problems.
  8. Antibiotics
  9. It don’t mean nothing, man. Not a thing.
  10. Secretary
  11. Frying in bacon grease in right in my wheelhouse. Thanks for the title too. I like reading books on the outdoors so even if it isn’t a recipe book I’d still like to check it out.
  12. That actually sounds pretty good. What book is that from? I’d be interested in checking it out
  13. You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it's me, I'm a little fd up maybe, but I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I'm here to fn' amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?
  14. Yeah you really need to. I was throwing 2 chunks of bunker w 4oz to get out there. I think it’s impossible to throw to the steep slope at roman but we were getting within 50yds of the no wake buoy. The waves looked like we were at the beginning of the slope at least. Had the south end of the pier till it got crowded around 5pm. All fish were caught 1-3pm. I do think it’s odd that people fish the middle of the pier heading out to the end. It’s 3-5’ in that section. No idea what they were trying for. I tried a jig w/Shad plastic and popper around the pilings at roman and near the rock jetty at mata. Nada
  15. Inflation