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  1. The silver and blue? If comparing size to van staal? Is it similar in size to 150 or 200 ?
  2. That's a sick bag . I have the supreme from j and h . Very similar .
  3. Few pics of custom plugs I build .all through wire construction and stainless hardware .finished with two coats envirotex epoxy . Sizes varry from back bay to heavy surf . If interested in trading for other custom builds let me know . 20180215_175746.mp4 20180215_175746.mp4
  4. I'm a 32 waist , what top are you using that requires a 36 waist ? Interested but don't want a loose belt .
  5. Lomg island. South shore, bluepoint .
  6. That's a good idea. I mean some beaches these days look like a dump truck empties it self there once a week .
  7. Your 150 ? Whatcha got? Been searching for vs 150
  8. built pretty well. I don't love how the Velcro sandwiches the hair of the bucktail . But I see their hurtle with that. We'll.see how it hold up.
  9. After work hobby. Just applied epoxy. 20180215_183340.mp4
  10. Can't wait to wet it.
  11. I'm getting ideas to make a plug/ tackle and plastics carry box . From house to truck to beach . Vs versa . Something I can hose off after every use . Maybe out of azex or some kind of acrylic.
  12. You gotta love it. Conspiracy pop ups
  13. Thanks bud . Keeping me sane till April. Haha