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    VSX-250 paired with St Croix - Surf Legend - 11'
    VSX-100 paired with DBlue - 9'6''
    Avet JX MC cast lefty paired with Tsunami slow pitch acid wrapped 6'8''

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  1. Welcome!
  2. Another thread that managed to turn into a blackhole thread
  3. No hits at cape or Fenwick. Caught a few shorts at IRI. Additional shorts at Roosevelt. Even went as far as trying to tog and flounder. None anywhere. AI had great reports of gator blues. Looks like either you were on them or just skate though.
  4. caught one near rock hall. then launched a kayak to see if any were in the flats. negative
  5. Been to both and agree that these are two meccas on the east coast. I generally fish away from the regs because there is just way too much drama between them (alot less at the point). If I do, best rule of thumb I find is to watch what they do, cast the same weight, and retrieve in same manner.
  6. Wise words. Chunking with 8oz weights is not cup of tea, but action is action. The point is hands down the Mecca of drum fishing
  7. Absolutely on fire. Came here for work and did some night fishing. Monster reds and black drums. Debating if I should stay for the weekend or go up to OC for the blue run.
  8. have you looked at shimano bluewave surf bag. was a great buy for me.
  9. Do you fish the beach side @ OC inlets? I have tried the Cape H. walls but the waters were just way too rough this past weekend. What does your anchor system look like?
  10. Wanted to start catching some tautog on a kayak and was wondering if anyone had any ideas in the DE/MD area. Would not want to drive all the way to CBBT (5 hours).
  11. Can't beat the topwater action! I wish the bigger striped bass were as aggressive in the Chesapeake Bay as they are up north (especially on the surf).
  12. I find this report to be dry as it's a weekly distribution. I have email distributions and phone calls I could make for fishing reports, but wanted to exchange info with the SOL community . Potentially providing me more insider information to those further away from me (vice versa)
  13. I was fishing IRI a couple years ago during my college spring breaks (such a loser I know). Monster striped bass running through for 3 days out of the week. First day, the bite started it was just a handful of people, within an hour we had hundreds of people shoulder-to-shoulder slamming on these beasts. Pure massacre of bass and tons of people gaffing these bass. I still wonder to this day how everyone knew the bite was going on.
  14. What reel did you put on your slowpitch? I just got one with a Avet JX, but the reel foot doesnt fully go into the seat . Thinking of going down to the SX....
  15. I have been raving about the Offshore Angler - Ocean Master Surf Rod. This thing is a beast in cost efficiency and product effectiveness. It costs $159, but you get the specs of a $300+ rod. Don't get me wrong, this is no lamiglass/st.croix but this is a great rod if you are looking for "above cheap" rod.