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  1. Appreciate the offer, but I am going to have to pass on the Stella. Sticking to cash offers.
  2. Both are US made models. I am paying for shipping, but can meet up in the DelMarVa area if you are looking for anything immediate. I go up to cape cod August 8th and in Philly July 28th. Still deciding if I want to trade for the expedition offer at the moment and have until tomorrow to decide.
  3. Yeah there is some kind of structure at SPSP which snags all the time. Wish they would pull it out.
  4. Yeah someone caught a 26'' from pier there couple days ago. Saw some reports of a yaker catching a 28'' in the KI bay area
  5. Let me know when you have a chance to post some pictures. This is an interesting offer
  6. Throwing in a bump
  7. Its crazy how much information is on FB compared to SOL. Those on FB are much more willing to let you know where the fish are. Perch are out deep. If you rent a small skiff from sandy point and launch to one of the pilings, plenty of large perch.
  8. Bump. I will pay for shipping.
  9. link? or embed the youtube video please
  10. Welcome to the forums!! There is so much bait in the bay right now. In Wachapreague at the moment and drove by the bay bridge/cambridge. I could see insane amounts of baitfish in the bay
  11. Just to clarify, I was completely separating the idea that technology (specifically social media) has any direct impact on over-fishing. There is a ton of data on the fishing industry but none have linked technology to over-fishing because there is little to none. Over-fishing is a product of individualism (not thinking holistically) and loose policies, one of which is much more easily correctable. Someone earlier in the post mentioned that fisherman from shore would be the first to ever feel any impact on over-fishing or a "spot burn". Easy access and social media can definitely expose these spots which I can agree with, but I believe this is cyclical. Raises a question for me to think about - Could fishermen who give up over time leave and the fish population regain its strength? Or it could be the total inverse like a gamblers fallacy, no fish but continues to fish because they assume that they should be catching post-skunk? (prime example being those who believe they will catch if they only cast one more time). Those who fish to catch give up when they run on a cold streak in my opinion (especially now that those with patience/persistence are a dying breed). I am not totally discounting you as there is validity, but we use our experience to jump to improper conclusions (myself included).
  12. Lived in Maryland all my life and have been fishing the bay ever since I was a child. Its been crazy this year. Tons of sores on the fish and tons of bass belly up. Its terrible how charter boats are a part of recreational. Should be in a category on its own in my opinion. Circle hooks have helped but still have not helped enough. Bass feed like crazy and tend to swallow even circle hooks. All the sores and dead fish are from mishandling.
  13. Appreciate the offer, but will have to pass as I am looking for cash in hand. The only trade I am leaning towards are 2x used St Croix Legend Xtreme. Thank you.
  14. 100% agreed. I stand corrected!