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  1. Brand new never used Maui Jim Peahi matte black/HCL bronze lens. I have 3 extra pair and this pair has just been sitting in a drawer for about a month. $200 shipped paypal only Please email arendtsen1@yahoo.com
  2. I've used all those knots, I used the uni to uni for a while when I first got into braid about 15 years ago, then I used the Alberto and it worked excellent but hated the way it snagged onto guides (same with the uni to uni). Hands down the FG is the best leader connection knot I have used, its super thin, goes through guides excellent and it super strong.... I usually use 10-15lb braid to either a 6-8lb fluorocarbon leader.
  3. How do you figure out strength to weight ratio? Its a bit confusing.....
  4. You sure got a pretty mouf
  5. Those are gone....:( I will try a few different things as mentioned, I will order a boomerang tonight.
  6. How about naming a good brand nipper for under $50.00
  7. Perfect, I will get that shipped out tomorrow. I been using P-line TCB 8 for a few years now, the green is a bit dirty at first, the coating wears off but it retains its color pretty good. The 10lb and 15lb feel thinner then other 10 and 15 pound braids. The Yellow TCB 8 is clean but fades after a while, the yellow would be my go to if it was offered in 10 lb.
  8. I just use a shakey head with a floating worm....
  9. I got some P-line TCB 8 in 10 pound to send your way aquaholic, but I only have about 30 feet extra, will that be enough for testing?
  10. I first ordered the fins 40g in 25lb when it first came out and never used it because it was way thicker then it says it actually is. The 5lb that I have been using has not had any kink issues what so ever, no fuzzing up and ties a FG knot to any flourocarbon leader even 6lb sunline with ease.
  11. Have you tested fins 40g 5lb? That is my go to line right now...I like it more the the duel 10lb and it feels thinner and a little stiffer. I will send you some when I get my next order in.
  12. What diameter measurements did you get on the Vicious No Fade braid?
  13. Fishing in Utah, but the water here is very clear and I use lots of finesse techniques and we have some excellent smallmouth bass fishing and muskie, the rivers are full of brown trout. I've wanted to fish Florida and Texas for years, one of these days I will make it that way. I got a chance to fish the Duel line today and it worked excellent, it casts amazing I can almost cast all of it line off my Steez 17 and so far it has not shown any fraying issues but more time is needed. I also use artificial lures 99% of the time....
  14. Its all freshwater fishing that I do, mostly trout and bass, there is lots of potential of snagging, I prefer my knot to brake at the lure vs my leader knot. I also have done my best to prevent buying any braided lines that are a bit fragile like Gliss, I hate when lines fuzz up, I had this happen when Power Pro first introduced their super slick 8, the line would fray easy just from snagging a fingernail or dry skin on my hands. The worst braid I have ever used was the Sunline TX1, it frayed without cause.... When I use braid that is thinner then .006" it seems like the braid does not last very long due how thin it is, I'm also using lures that cost between $15.00 to $25.00 each so losing one kinda hurts a little
  15. I've never tried Nanofil, maybe I will get some 8lb. I have heard its a pain to tie the FG knot, I would be running 8lb nanofil to 6 or 8lb flourocarbon....is it possible to tie? After tying a few knots with the Duel it made me realize just how much I like Fins 40g I can tie a FG knot with a 20 wrap FG easy with it, but the Duel is a bit harder and it takes more wraps 24 to 26 to get it to work with 8lb seaguar flourocarbon...