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  1. That's quite an increase in budget lol! I would demo the Hobie Outback, it's their "default" fishing kayak for a reason. Prop drives are nice for that instant reverse tho...you will not get the same function from Hobie's 180 drive, esp if you're running down the bank in freshwater.
  2. Pm'd!
  3. Yeah JW. Caught a few fluke and robins on it, that's it! Will be contacting Daiwa tomorrow...
  4. That hookset into an immovable object was epic!
  5. Just noticed the shaft seal looked a bit swollen. I thought the few drops of Corrosion X I used caused the seal to swell...lifted it up, and found this. Looks like aluminum shards?
  6. Barrell, have you heard or know of any mods for the Compass that allows right hand steering? Or the outback for that matter...
  7. Haha guilty, 100%. When I say "season" I just mean salt...dried herbs etc mixed into breadcrumbs works just fine.
  8. Yeah sprinkling some salt into flour/breadcrumbs never made much sense to me. No way you're getting even seasoning that way. Maybe powdered salt + sieving?
  9. ??
  10. Thanks guys, it was a fun, simple video to do! As a young cook being shown that trick saved my arms from falling off. Bad whisking posture can f you up for days lol...
  11. It's a rare fluke halibut.
  12. I made some fluke sandwiches w/spicy mayo and pickled shallots...fluke fillets are just the perfect dimension for stuffing between buns!
  13. If by "special features" you mean thinner, more breathable material, mesh/holes so you won't fog up your shades, and proper cuts that won't slide down your nose or ride up your neck...then consider me enticed
  14. That's the one, the gaiter not the sunhood. I pull it over the back of my cap, it stays put. Process is: pull gaiter down around your neck, cap goes on, pull up gaiter and adjust, sunglasses on. The only part that might need attention is your temple area, depending on how thick the arms of your sunglasses are...you might want to apply a little sunscreen there.