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  1. Don't spool with leadcore, problem solved...
  2. Thanks Mark, forgot about this guy!
  3. Morning Fellas, I've always used uni to uni for my connection, but a friend uses the Albright knot. Both are strong enough for the drag pressure i use, but wanted to know what you guys use. I use 15, 20, and 30lb braids with 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60lb flouro. I know one thing, I can not tie a uni to uni on the boat boat, but I do not find myself needing to do that very often. I guess it comes down to this, What knot passing through the guides the easiest?
  4. Stripers and sea bass. Oh yea is mako considered inshore, if so MAKO!
  5. when you create a thread you have to "Click" the "Notify me" tab.
  6. *Updated* Forgot to add jig weights (1) 16oz (3) 10oz (1) 14oz (1) 10.5oz (2) deep drop rigs Also no longer interested in trades, found the rod i needed. Saltist 30t- $115 shipped Trophy rod- $65 shipped Jigs - $40 shipped
  7. I have the Saros 4000 FA and love it, as for parts it is 5yrs, but you can still find parts on ebay and the web (
  8. Shimano Saros 4000 FA paired with a Star Stellar Lite
  9. 100% Agreed! Stradics are great, but there are other cheaper shimano's out there. Look at the new Shimano Sahara Fi or even the Sedona Fi. Why pay that much for a reel being used in the back bays?
  10. One of the best reels i have ever owned!
  11. St croix tidemaster or a Shimano trevala, can't go wrong. Good Luck with your search. Oh yea Shimano Teramar also!
  12. I'lldo $125 shipped
  13. I am willing to separate....... Possible trades would be for a Shimano Trevala casting or St Croix mojo casting. (ML,M, or MH) Ideally looking for a rod for my torium 14, a rod with backbone but light
  14. 2nd in line!
  15. Selling my winter cod setup, since buying a boat (again), I don't see myself going on any more party boats. Up for sale is my Daiwa Saltist 30t "Super Torque" with 65lb Daiwa J braid that is new. Mounted on a 7'6 x heavy Tsunami rod. Also included are some lures and 2 deep drop rigs which were never used. I'm looking for $225 shipped for everything. This is one of the smoothest reels I have ever used. Perfect for deep water with a 4 to 1 ratio.