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  1. It was! Couldn't pass it up....
  2. Love Costa, i own 2 and the has 2. Make sure you get the 580g lenses.
  3. I have a Raymarine Dragonfly 6. Its on the boat i just bought and i will be upgrading before the season starts, i'm just waiting for the AC boat show to really find out which one i want.
  4. This is to easy.... Sandy Hook North Beach Good Luck and Have Fun.
  5. 2nd inline and I'll do asking as well.
  6. Go to a bait and tackle shop with the reel, put it on some rods and feel how it balances. Seems like you'll be casting lures out so maybe a 7'6 length and probably a fast action. Good Luck!
  7. As mentioned above, I just bought the shimano trax 301hg from a member here and will be using it for this application. For spinning I use the Shimano saragosa 5000sw. To keep the price down, look at the shimano spheros 5000sw. Another conventional setup to look at is the avet SX or MXJ.
  8. Great Fish! As for the comments, wow people - its just fishing.... *Note to self- Never post a video of myself fishing, people will tell you that you are doing everything wrong. Oh and also (No audio)
  9. I have a 7ft medium light, i like it. Go with 7ft if you can, this will make it a little more versatile.
  10. Oh the things us guys do sometimes, lol. Don't let your wives catch you placing fishing gear in the dishwasher!
  11. Looking to sell my Boca 60 for $95 Shipped or trade for a 7ft or 7.6 medium light or medium spinning rod. Reel is very smooth, alot of drag, and very solid.
  12. Reel is awesome, clean and smooth, just as described. thanks
  13. Received rod yesterday, as described and I would buy from again. Thanks
  14. ok, if ferret doesnt take it, i will take the reel only (no line)