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  1. What type of line floats more, mono or braid...You all have great info. Chiefer, I tend to agree allot of what you said.
  2. I have fished with Mono line all my life on my spinning setup. And this year I do want to try some Braid. I don't like braid on my bait casters. But do want to try on my spinning setup. Now I'm a constant casting guy. Like to use soft baits allot. My new set up is a 7ft St Croix Tidemaster with a Penn 5000 Conflict II a really light setup. This reel is meant for Braid if I choose so. My question is how is braid in the wind? Ive read it doesn't do well in the wind when casting. Has anybody experienced this? I'm also going with 10ft of Floro as a lead line. I want really good Braid. Whats a good brand for this setup? Thanks
  3. Great info Thanks
  4. Thank you Handi2 And If it does it while fishing what could we be looking at? Thanks
  5. OK I have been repairing my own reels for years. But this one has me stumped. Been repairing this one for some time now. This is what it does. If i reel real fast then stop quickly the spool keeps going with clicking sound. pinion gear has been replaced. Everything is put together right. Any ideas would be great. Thanks
  6. Thank you SOA for that info. I will definitely will give wood a try this year.
  7. Im a big fan of soft plastics. Spooks and SP's And eels for live. Never tried wood. But I can't imagine why it wouldn't work well. Mass. surf casters use them faithfully. I understand the waters are better there. But I wouldn't mind trying anyways and Yes they are $$.
  8. Why hasn't anybody use Guppy Pencil poppers.