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  1. I'll take them! Thanks. I have your info already
  2. Hey Craig would you consider $60.00? Jared
  3. Not quite sure what I'm going to do with it. Little big for my needs these days .
  4. Man! I've never found a wash up rod or reel that was worth a darn! You have some luck !
  5. Kinda like a lacrosse stick! When I bait fished i used to time the wave and run and plant a foot a let her rip! Lol
  6. Roger that!
  7. Hmmmmm I always cast feet together somewhat and across my body.. The butt ends up off my left hip and the tip is off my right shoulder
  8. Center of reel seat is 16 1/2" you would like this Roddy!
  9. Milk jug is TOAST! I will build the rod but its too big for my fishing . Maybe a loaner for a relative or guest.
  10. I'm just the opposite.. Hate a short butt..
  11. Thank you very much!
  12. Wow! That is amazing! Was it your grandmothers job? I bet she separated the cream from the milk! Yum. I love the simple things so much more than modern things.
  13. Blank is maroon but faded .. it's 11' and it's a buggy whip! Thanks for your help Jared
  14. Yessa! Been down that street once or twice!! Ribs take SOOOO long to heal up
  15. My folks did also! Ours was in better shape.