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  1. I'll put it this way, everything I own now has PP on it. Next reel I get for Tuna, AJs, and the like offshore will have JB. For anything else, PP
  2. Power pro for budget, JB for top of the line.
  3. I soak in the fridge over night in water, marinate thicker steaks in Italian or balsamic and grill. Fry the thin pieces, going to try blackening the next one. I normally use my tiger knife to make a cut to the head, remove wings then give the carcass away for shark bait.
  4. I have the 6-16 mojo, it's a casting rod not a fishing rod. I can sling a 8oz anchor with it, loads up good but wouldn't use it for a hard fishing situation chunking bait.
  5. Battalions are good rods but not true heavers. Not sure of the new OM rods, if they are the same blank as the old one I would buy more. Those are heavers. Tica dolphin XH is supposed to be the same blank, maybe worth a look.
  6. Started my hunt in early June around my home base of Wrightsville, seen a few none hooked. Went further south this weekend, found lots of sharks no reds or tarpon. Did scrape out a PB spinner. Returned to the home stretch this evening to soak a bait, last pic blood is mine. Watch you hands, I wasn't close to his mouth he flipped up and snatched me.
  7. I do better on fluro even in dirty water using bait on the bottom for drum and whiting. All personal preference but I'll pay the extra if I feel like I catch more fish
  8. Pour shrimp juice on it to cover the squid smell
  9. I prefer the original fire line. Crystal just didn't knot the same
  10. Raptors still have bearing issues when fished at Max, torque star drags were on sale for a little over 200 last I saw. Avet needs to fix their issues before expanding. And the truth SM drags burn up.
  11. All you Yanks can be spotted for a mile here, always some yelling OH MAH GAHD FRANK LOOK AT THAT, I DIDNT THINK THEY CAUGHT FLUKE HERE, WONDER IF THEY GET STRIPAHS AND BUNKAZ TO
  12. Yet another example of why I've lost faith in Penn
  13. Hopefully a bail less slammer, 6500 spinfisher has been a huge let down. Bad gears, terrible AR and the pickup leaves alot to be desired. I'm not worried about the sealing aspect
  14. Just to add some different input for fishing them, I recently switched to circles for them and can't see going back to J hooks. As for finding them, good luck it's an addictive style of fishing.
  15. This sounds crazy, but I've had problems with yellow and green randomly breaking, red and white have always been good. Not sure if there is a manufacturing difference but that's my experience