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  1. I don't freshwater much, all we have where I fish is blues for the most part due to the brackish water. Big change from where I grew up at fishing for flat heads, have to drive about 45minutes inland to get on any good holes for them now.
  2. Didn't weigh him, still my biggest on rod and reel. My buddy lost one alot bigger.
  3. I know there is a shim kit for the gears, I would hope Penn installed it correctly. SS gears have a feel to them until they are broken in, never felt it with any other type of gear.
  4. Extra grease helps with salt water to a degree, makes sand worse. Best to just clean everytime it's dunked.
  5. Did you replace the pinion as well? Gear sets are matched
  6. Don't pump grease in the AR bearing, it will make it slip. I normally oil mine, at the most use grease cut down with oil. It's the Achilles heel of instant anti reverse, to much lube the bearings slip, not enough they grab hard but fail quicker.
  7. I rep whatever I get the cheapest that can bend to the butt
  8. I wouldn't throw plugs all day with my gator glass, but I've yet to find a 37 dollar graphite blank I can bend to the butt and it won't break. All my bait rods are glass except for two I use for fishing cut shrimp and small black drum. They are heavier, but in a high impact situation glass always wins from my experience.
  9. The saltys arent cheap, but we'll worth the money spent.
  10. Exactly. If you were to use seafoam as an oil flush, you would be better off to add through the fill tube. You can also MIST down the brake booster line, do not pour. Best way is to mist through throttle body, but most don't have the equipment for that.
  11. You are right to a degree, not a good idea to add any cleaner/flush to oil or coolant on any vehicle. Putting it in the fuel is unlikely to uncover any leak as fuel pressure will generally not be held by gunk covering a leak, neither will a vacuum leak. If you did uncover a fuel or vacuum leak, you are saving yourself a headache down the road. Same thing as not pressure washing greasy engines in regards to oil and coolant leaks
  12. Thrasher rods are where it's at fellas
  13. If you haven't ordered samurai yet, I wouldn't recommend it for any high strain fishing. Thin diameter, throws very well, but breaks easily
  14. Momoi makes some of the best line in the market all around, if your spooling nice reels but good line. I had some izor braid to, it was pretty good stuff. JB is top notch for braid
  15. Keep us posted on how it goes. If it works well, that will be a pretty sweet kit