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  1. As a novice would be interested to attend. Thanks for sharing! Was thinking to ask for details, then decided to look it up myself. Here is the link to register: https://wilmlibrary.assabetinteractive.com/calendar/cod-haddock-and-bottom-fishing/
  2. I wear 11, I just ordered those in 12. Will share if it was the right move in a few days.
  3. "Mares isnt the only brand. Its a wide brand for sure and durable. If you dont require wide foot I would look at Oneils. Just too tight for me. " I surf and SUP, so I have 3, 7 and 7 mm O'Neills booties (as well as several wetsuits all by ONeill too - love those). There is no way to wear those on drysuit, tight, glove-like fitting that creates warmth. Always true to size btw.
  4. Awesome, thanks for suggestions. Yeah, looking at NRS shoes finish, I can see they are not a top-notch product lol. And I was thinking the same about getting size+2 because of the amount of material added by drysuit and possible socks. Tight booties make feet cold really quick.
  5. Hi, wondering what to look at when choosing water shoes for a pedal kayak? I assume it's less critical in regular kayaks, but for pedaling it probably makes sense to have less bulky shoes? One thing I know for sure I want those that have a zipper. Also, should I go a size up if I'm planning to use it with a drysuit? I'm pretty much picking between NRS Backwater Wetshoes and ATB Wetshoes, but still open and if you have any suggestions I'm all ears Thanks
  6. Hmm. I still have 5.5 - 6 ft light rod that I used to pull 2.5-3.5 lbs pike of the lake. Would it be more appropriate gear?
  7. See, I was not "wrong" but quite opposite. I remember when my buddy was ticketed around 2013/14 when paddling without PDF across Beverly harbor. Didn't know about the whistle though.
  8. hey, watch it I paddle year around. Usually between Revere Beach and Nahant Beach.
  9. I believe there is a rule (in MA) that you have you wear PDF on SUP if you on some particular distance off the shore. And there is no way I would wear PFD when I SUP-surf any time of year, but I have PFD on when I do distance though. edit : "The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) has determined that SUP boards operated outside a surfing, swimming or bathing area are “vessels” under USCG regulations. " https://www.nrs.com/learn/uscg-regulations-for-sup.asp In short - SUPpers should wear PFD on open waters.
  10. Hi, Just bought a kayak end of the year and prepping for the season. Was thinking to try jigging for a black and trolling for striper later in the season. Would the rod (or rather "combo") in question appropriate for both? With all other items that I need to buy (switching from shore to kayak), trying to stay on the budget * Thanks oA
  11. Hey guys, I'm new here and to kayak fishing in general. I live in Winthrop. Would be interested to meet some local peeps when the season is here.
  12. Hi, I'm new here and to kayak fishing in general. In fact, the upcoming season is going to be my first. I recently bought NRS bibs and some kayak jacket. But reading more about options I got back to thinking about purchasing a drysuit. I live in Boston, so I'm curious if my setup (NRS bibs /splash jacket/ some thermo-layers) is appropriate for near shore fishing? I understand it's very broad/vague question and answer depends on the season's length and lot of other factors, but curious what others members in my area prefer. Esp give the fact I can have only one set for now. Still can return bibs/jacket ... thanks
  13. Hi there, Just joined the site and want to say hi and introduce myself. Well technically, I joined about a month ago after came home with Predator PLD but until now was mostly lurking around. I live in Winthrop, MA and enjoy all things salt water. Occasional deep sea fishing on charter boats, paddle boarding, surfing, used to do sailing in the past. I used to live on the lake and had an Old Town canoe back there, we had a plenty of pickerels, yellow perch etc there. This summer I caught my first striper from the shore literally in front of my house, I got immediately hooked ..Also it helped me to make a case for a fishing kayak So I behaved well the rest of the year and Santa was really good to me... Anyway, Pretty hyped to try this thing on the water. Thank you Kirill
  14. Hi, I'm new here and it's kinda silly that my first post has a negative tone but I think there is a little "dramatization" in that video. On another hand two weeks ago after digging out my car for six hours in order to get to the airport I flew to West Palm Beach and ppl there were walking around in UGGs and puffy TheNorthFace jackets