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  1. Booms Fishing WC3 works. Not like "like the butter" in that famous youTube's video showing Sportmate pliers but OK. I cut a few hooks after I got these and found these worth the money spent. Two comments: 1. wipe them after the day at the sea as they getting a bit rusty. 2. The locking washer is sliding loose so play for few mins with it to see how it works, as it locked on me when I held them jaws down and pressed handles together for the first time.
  2. PM for sync up. thx
  3. I have a landing net that was handed down to me. It's a basic, very light Frabill with a longer handle (3-3.5 ft ?) that would work on a boat as well. Free to go to someone who needs it. I'm in Winthrop, MA; also could meet in Mashpee during next next few weeks.
  4. Caught 2 schoolies last night in Winthrop on ebbing tide almost at the dusk
  5. Northshore. Tried fishing flats for few hours this morning. Water was 55F and it was close to low tide so it was not best combination; in a couple of hours wind picked up and I called it a day ;( I was in a rush to launch and forgot everything in the car including sea worms. got just one fish, so plastic clearly didn't work well.
  6. Thank you for pointing out. Indeed I missed it.
  7. I have yet to catch my first "F" fish. Just heard that some ppl refer it as F and others as F, not to mention that Mass DMF has the only fluke listed under Saltwater regulations. One way or another, thanks for replies. Going try my luck in next few days.
  8. The bottom one is for grinder wrench, for tightening a nut that holds a grinding disk on grinders axle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDFcj5zTWIU
  9. Hey there, this is my first season of kayak fishing. In last month I had few successful trips to Cape for BSB and as fish is about to move out I'm wondering if fluke is here. I live in Winthrop and thinking to go out and try some flounder fishing around here. Thanks
  10. Sat was good for me. Went to Cape and was able to have my five keepers of decent size (16-20 in). All fish I got were in 30 ft of water. But my buddies managed to get bigger species in 14 ft of water. We were kayak fishing in am.
  11. I bought Hero session in Jan, not original but next one, I believe it's one generation behind current. Voice control works just fine, image stabilization too.
  12. I had no problem to obtain MMSI for my kayak. I registered through BoatUS. Here is the email I got from them "Your MMSI registration was successful!. Your MMSI number is: ********* Your login name is: myLogin We suggest recording your MMSI number in the owner's manual and keeping a copy of the attached MMSI certificate with your other boat documents. If you sell your boat with the programmed radio, please log in to your account at www.BoatUS.com/MMSI and choose either "Cancel MMSI Registration" or "Transfer to New Owner" if you know the contact information for the new owner. It is your responsibility to notify BoatU.S. of any change of status. BoatU.S. MMSI numbers are not appropriate for use when cruising to foreign territories so if you begin taking your boat on international cruises, you must log in and choose "Cancel MMSI Registration." Once cancelled, please contact the FCC at (877) 480-3201 to obtain the required Station License and an internationally accessible MMSI # for your vessel. Thank you, BoatU.S. MMSI mmsi@boatus.com" I didn't program the radio itself yet though.
  13. Cycling on public roads makes me nervous more than other activities.