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  1. Ok so technically river and mountain but it has forest in it. Icefields again.
  2. Icefields Parkway.
  3. Too much weight forward I guess. Thanks for input.
  4. Using lens foot. Spoke to BH Photo advised I try longer plate to shift center of gravity back and also advised contact 3 legged thing folks as it should hold. Respect BH for not just selling me an expensive piece of equipment.
  5. Sony a6000 body and the sigma 150-600 contemporary. But the head on the 3 legged thing is supposed to hold 40lbs according to BH site. Set it and it would creep a bit, nuisance but I could deal. The other day it just sort of gave up trying and wouldn't set unless lens was tilted above horizontal.
  6. so the smaller 30lb rrs would get 'er done?
  7. action has been tapering off with top water but we caught 6 small ones yesterday and for last month been pretty consistent once you find a good point. probably caught 7-8 keepers in last month. . mothers day caught around 12 but all like 20". caught back to back 5lb largemouths swimming with them that day. been throwing a chugbug. largemouth has been tough after pretty good late winter-spring.
  8. Where you fishing? Top water on Murray been pretty consistent for last month.
  9. I purchased sigma 150-600 and the head on my 3 legged thing quit even trying to hold it. Do you think Really right stuff ball head rated for 50 lbs would work or go with Wimberly wh-200 gimbal? Ball head nice b/c more compact for travel etc but if not up to job or quality of life much better with gimbal then go with that. Ball head cheaper by good bit as well. Also they will fit on 3 legged thing right? Thanks.
  10. monster jackfish! they have been crazy this year here. 1/2 that size.
  11. Thanks! The trick is the dog. Better than a buzz bait. Use her as a teaser.
  12. They moved up big time with warm snap we had.
  13. caught these back to back, he was still getting his off the hook when i hooked mine, floating worm