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  1. PayPal. I'll PM you my PayPal address, thanks!
  2. Hey, I know you said youd withdraw your offer, but I'll do $50 if you're still interested. I could really use some extra cash right now and it isn't worth waiting out over $10.
  3. I understand, no problem.
  4. Well I was looking for $30 for the six gill, 25 for the tournament and 20 for the enticer which is $75. I can meet you at $60 for the 3? Just got it, I'll get the label printed and shipped out first thing Monday, thanks!
  5. Yours, PM coming.
  6. Sounds good, PM on the way!
  7. I can't drop that low I'm already losing a lot of money. 100 is $50 off retail as is.
  8. One final drop before I try somewhere else, $100 shipped PayPal bottom dollar.
  9. Perfect sounds good, the daiwa regal, shimano Sonora, and quantum micro are yours, I'll PM you shortly.
  10. Wouldn't call it smooth like a new reel, hence only $35. definitely noisy, but yes it is fully functioning. I can toss in an old boca 60 as well that's for parts, the spool, handle, and many other parts are compatible with the cabo as well, for $10 so $45 total.
  11. So $40 for the regal + Sonora, and 10 for quantum? $50 shipped for all 3 then? I'd do that if that is what you meant
  12. According to the spools: Six gill holds 140 yds of 8, 120 of 10. Tournament holds 205 of 8, 170 of 10, or 130 of 12. The enticer holds 175 of 6, 120 of 8. Hope that's helps!
  13. Selling a heavily used quantum cabo size 60 pts. Reel has a ton of use, caught a ton of fish. Still fully functioning, used as of this spring, but like I said it shows the used on outside. $38 shipped paypal.
  14. Dropping to $110 shipped, and I put 15 lbs braid on it
  15. Hi, sorry I just saw this, haven't been on in a while. I'm just trying to sell but thanks for the offer