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  1. Selling a like new Ardent finesse size 2000 spinning reel. Used once, just don't need it and could use a few bucks. Spooled with unused 15 lb braid. $35 shipped PayPal. These retail for $50 without line and shipping so you can save an easy $15+ right off the bat.
  2. Not sure exactly what your looking for since you said you wanted a rod that can toss up to 1/2 oz, but also said you wanted an ultra light, which i have never seen one in my life that could handle that much. Having said that I have a bunch of rods I'm trying to sell, and it sounds like the 2 field and stream tec spec black 6 ft 6 medium action spinning rods I'm selling would be pretty spot on. Take a look.
  3. Hey sorry I won't be going as far as I know. Sounds good to me I can do that, I'll pm you.
  4. Moving the reels elsewhere. The rest of the rods still are available
  5. Yea, youre right, theyll be on sale in a month cuz the ice season will be over. I was just trying to see if there are any used old ones out there I could finish out the next few weeks with before i invest in a marcum or a vexilar for ner year.
  6. Might be a long shot but looking to see what anyone has for used ice fishing flashers. Can be old, doesn't need to be high tech as long as it works. Don't have a set price just really don't have money for $300+ new flashers and I just started ice fishing this year so I'd rather start cheap and work up next year. I'm in North jersey but would be willing to get it shipped.
  7. Awesome, yours. Sold pending payment, will close when done.
  8. Hi, he offered me $165 and I countered with $185 which he hasn't commented on yet if he's take it. I'd do $185 meet up or if you would still be interested I'd do $190 shipped PayPal, whichever of you said you would take it first.
  9. $165 is a bit low, this reel was seriously only used about 3 times total. I could do $185 meet up, Mahwah could work alright with me
  10. Sorry I cant, this reel was used too little for me to go that low. I live in North jersey on the kinnelon, butler, pequannok area off rt 23.
  11. Sounds good. Duckett sold, all others still available.
  12. I can't do $65, after PayPal fees and shipping it would just be way too big a loss for the rod. I could do $80 shipped
  13. Decided to sell my Penn Slammer III 6500. Bought this reel in June for a trip to the canal, used for 2 days of fishing and hasn't been touched since. I just don't get out enough to justify having it, and it doesn't get used. Reel is in excellent shape, it's perfect mechanically as it was not used much at all, and it looks great minus a few light scratches on the rotor and the body. Reel is spooled with 300 yards of 50 lb braid, again only used a few time, I don't remember the brand so if you don't want it I can take it off. Comes with the original box and paperwork, as well as the changeable EVA hndle which is brand new in the bubble wrap. $210 shipped PayPal.
  14. 1 final shot at this before I move this elsewhere, some really great rods here for a Great price
  15. Hi, it says BLS731XHFB