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  1. Allentown born and raised. Yes that's correct. Billy Joel wrote a song about it.
  2. I realize this post has been up a while but it isn't New Years yet. Your best bet is the Broadhead. Guys have been doing great on that stream just down from where it crosses I80. The stream is really recovering well so please practice catch and release
  3. Im in the same position as the OP and have wanted to ask the same question so thank you. Similarly, I'm not sure how to react to what I consider "mugging". If I'm the only one on the beach and a guy shows up to fish the exact same jetty as me when I'm catching fish and there are 20 identical jetties with no one on them what is the proper thing to do? I usually just move because I like my solitude at night but I don't think that's right.
  4. Fished out front MoCo Sunday 5 am to 10 and picked up 9 shorts. Biggest was only 22 inches. A few on swim shads like everyone else but the real killer was a 1oz Hobkins. I've been fishing for 25 years. Freshwater bass, trout, conventional and fly. Had the privilege to live and fish in some amazing places and only became serious about hunting stripers this spring. Just thought I would thank everyone for all the knowledge they have shared. The sport can seem overly technical between the gear you should wear, rods, line, plugs, seasons, tides, moon cycles.... Most of the stuff is also real expensive and its tough to know what to spend your hard earned money on without any real experience. Thanks and I will try to share whatever I learn that is useful.