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  1. Sorry about that Domer98. That question went off the tracks. I might order the 5.8 MXLMC for the line capacity because I still like running mono. Sat in the beach chair for some time a couple of weeks ago picking out a professional over run of 50# PP and it was a drag. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply Mark I do understand the dinamics of how a mag works in a reel and actually after I pulled all the brakes I installed an adjustable mag and bearings and CT kit in an Abu 7000 I fish with alongside an older Squidder if I'm chunking bait. I had just read elsewhere that the MC in an Avet was over magged for long casting like I do at the OBX, or long casting for me. Sounds like it was miss info. I might pic one up and or mag my Squidder. I like using that old reel. Thanks again , Dan
  3. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a casting pro by any means but I guess because I learned how to cast 45 years ago on an old levelwind with no casting help with mags or brakes , you can tell if something is holding your cast back. I guess having to much mag is like having your spool to tight or having all 6 brakes rubbing on an Abu . Like hitting a cast like no buddies business and just as it hits it's Apex it looks like someone put the brakes on. Or you can't get the spool to fluff on a hard cast.
  4. Hope on subject but you guys that have a MXLMC , how do they cast as far as bait. Anyone use one in the grass with say 6 oz or 8 oz and hit it to see how far you can get. I've heard it has to much mag . I'm thinking of one to . I like running 20# mono with a 50#shock or 50# PP with a mono shock . I've learned to turn my drag to zero on my abu's on a hard cast because of the auto engage. Had to cut off a few spools of 50# braid so I don't think a lever might not be to bad.
  5. We have used black hockey tape. The real stuff , on a few rods we stripped the foam off. Easy to put on,real durable and a great grip.It wears like iron but will get a little white in the salt after a bit.
  6. We both still like mono for main line so we would like a little more capacity too. The only time I used braid untill we got real about surf fishing was jigging for perch on lake Erie in 80' of water.
  7. Thanks Crash My brother and I have been using Penn Prevails and I have a Carnage II all 12' for the last 5 trips to the OBX. Have used 10and bait on all of them without any hickups hitting them hard. We can both hit about 150 yards on the grass with 6 oz, measured. Good cheap rods .I have a worked over 7000 and use a Squidder and him a Blue Yonder 7000 . It would be nice to step up a little on the rods.i use an Akios LSI 651 on a 9' Century KNE for plugging but that's as long as will go in the truck at a 30/70 split.
  8. I'd really like to see more 50/50 split 11'+ heavy rods to fit in the truck for the long trip to big water and a reel about the size of a Squidder or 7000. 350'/20# mono , A great mag and drag. CT. I'd be all over 2 like a duck on a June bug
  9. Ya,,. Point is closed up. Save the money on a pass . Looks like we'll be fishing everywhere else. Going to try and stay away from Grease Ally other than a trip up to Jimmy's. We'll get our bait at Hatteras Jacks. Need to spool up a 4-0 for biters . Spend the day around Rodanthe. Next Friday won't get here quick enough. Tight Lines
  10. Last October fishing in Nags Head a younger fellow went by us and stuck his in soft sand. It was all stock with all seasons on it. We had him air down some and kicked the sand from in front of the tires. With the 2 of us pushing it popped up and away he went. With a little wider tire and aired down it looked like it would be a good runner.
  11. We are heading for Bodie the last week of June. Hope the cobes haven't moved out by then. Do you know how long the point will be closed down. Good luck
  12. As with others I like fishing with one pole but during our OBX summer trip , generally slow, once in a while I'll put a nice chunk out as far as I can with the 12' and spike it. Put tin and a teaser on the 9' and cast away. During the fall trip I'm using the 12 footer in hand. Works for me.
  13. Long story short I got my 13 Raptor 4 door, black on black on black a year and a half ago after we sold the 5th and had no use for my 14 power stroke. It only had 12000 miles and the price was better than doing a F150. I'm getting about 15 mpg and it rocks. Had it on the obx in October and had no problems. We only aired down to 30. I don't like the short bed and it's to wide for car washes and have to watch drive though and construction. It's as wide as a duelly on all 4 corners. I'm not a big fan of the eco or twin turbo 6after riving the wife's so I hope to have this for some time. I do like the front ends on the new ones better.
  14. We were at at the point the last week of October and got popped for seat belts right after getting air at the Red Drum. He must have been watching is all we can figure. It's quite a revenue builder at 180 a shot. Law is a law I guess.