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  1. Alright I'll take it for $35
  2. Canyon bags.
  3. Will you do $30?
  4. Sorry I'm out
  5. Can you do $20?
  6. Can you tell me which tactical angler it is please
  7. Will you take $50 shipped?
  8. Which ones are they
  9. The burple SP minnow kept my head in the game after many bad nights.
  10. Roger that, thank you
  11. Is this something I can screw into Waders or rubber boots? They seem a good option
  12. Honestly down here what I'm calling jetties are groins. Pretty flat, only gets really sketchy when the tides up. Was trying to see if I could get away with spending $70 instead of $200 plus on boots and wading pants. However I'm sure your right, better to just bite the bullet and get korker boots
  13. The korkers are the go to brand youd say? Any particular series?
  14. Hello everyone.I'm looking for a set of cleats. Spend most of my time in the sand so use bootfoot waders, but would like to be a little more comfortable on the local jetties. Appreciate any input Thank you