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  1. Moco out front 9pm to 1230 Throwing eels. Couple nice strikes resulting in half an eel but no hook ups.
  2. Get cheap pvc from field and stream and layer if it's only for 5 times. Then go for good breathable if you're into it
  3. I figure I'll only need about 8 hours a day for the next 20 or so years.... and I'll have it dialed
  4. Tough to grade. Not as many around at all but every one I brought in was decent size
  5. I like the fat cow strips, only used ther straight tails. Think they change sink rate little more than the otter tails. Best days were with the longest fat cow and curly ottertail. No idea if that just coincidence though. Never had a problem keeping either on the hook but the curly tails had a tendency to double hook itself in somehow. Still trying to work out the right combinations of how much hair on bucktail and which trailers.
  6. 10'6 vs 10' you won't hardly notice the extra 6". And if you hate stiff rods then you'll want the 10'6 for sp and lighter bucktails.
  7. Can't beat Milwaukee brushless drill/impact guns in that category. Good chucks, good batteries, very well balanced. Size depends on the space you have to work in. Accessories for pro work might be better off with air tools. Homeowner grade go with Ryobi for drill and impact gun. They take a beating, keep on running and are reasonably priced. The lights are good enough, but never cared for the hand vac.
  8. Hello Dan. Would like to place an order for bullet heads all long shank. 3/4 oz 1 oz 1.5 oz 2 oz 5 of each please.
  9. Don't own it yet but for price, availability, and features that ODM looks tough to beat
  10. This kills me. People who don't really fish, don't care about the sport, just want pictures holding up a bunch of 30lber with a group of goons. All for the $$$. Till there's no more fish. Then they'll pay somebody to help them wreck something else.
  11. Flatlander I think it's pretty simple but my only other belt was a police tac belt. Sliding things around isn't an issue once gear is on the belt. But if the loops for your bag/pliers whatever are too small getting buckle on and off is kinda PIA. Buckle is plastic but has held up so far. The belt has keeper loops, slide right side of belt into loop on left side. Buckle center, pull strap for tightness. Again limited experience, but this barely loosens after it's snug in keeper before it's buckled.
  12. Yessir, appearance of anti evil weapons, knowing he's full of it. But fighting the good fight for the liberals and furthering a political career
  13. Maybe I just haven't examined law close enough. Or am too new to this game. Don't get me wrong I don't support many firearm laws. A legal firearm owner should be able to own anything they want. But everyone I know who owns 30rd mags already has them blocked. And of course there has to be things grandfathered. I only meant that it seems like the new fearless leader wants to appear tough on guns. While not actually getting into a fight
  14. As far as I can tell these laws were already in effect. Nj didn't allow concealed carry, "high capacity" magazines, and history of mental illness disqualifies ownership. Background check has never been instant in Nj. Other than armor piercing, which only round I know people used were green tip 5.56. And that's only because they are cheap to get. Am i missing something? Or is this just political smoke?
  15. Put this topic in BST see how many hits you get