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  1. Supply
  2. Haha... i knew i wouldn't live this down. I was referring to the lovely Anna Nystrom.
  3. LMAO!! Just realized i clicked on the wrong post to quote!! DOH!
  4. Love his YouTube vids, very informational. Great fisherman, sending T's & P's to him and his Dad. Please tell me it wasn't his partner Tim Little?!!
  5. Thanks for the input guys! I have a Genesis also Clint which i love, and are hoping that the stock rod (9'L)would come in somewhere near it in weight. I have always been intrigued with the prospect of single foot guides as they relate to weight, but are reluctant to try them from a durability standpoint. May be time to look at that, as lightness is the key for me. I have always been a huge fan of the GSB line, just not the weight they carry. Im hoping to put my hands on one soon to feel the comparison to the old.
  6. Wow, that butt is damn near perfect!!
  7. Ship
  8. Ship
  9. Im thinking of adding another rod to my line up and was curious if there is any feedback, positive or negative, to the new GSB rods. I haven't heard a ton of buzz about them, but i like what i see. Haven't put my hands on one yet. I realize they are fairly new, but figured you would hear high praise, if they were impressing. I am looking at the 9 ftrs and am not sure if i want the L or M action. It would be used mainly for bucktailing, and im leaning towards the L. Would love to hear any feedback you guys have. Thanks!
  10. Nice catches KnewBee! Got out today 4:30 to 11, needed to be in for a Father's Day cookout with the kids. Flat calm conditions, no wind, so hit the docks with a jig and managed some nice fish. A couple from the day. Hot as hell too.
  11. Gorgeous Bill! Very nice work!
  12. Great info right there!
  13. I have my 4000 on a 8' Star Stellar Lite for back bays and early season fish, and its a perfect fit, IMO.
  14. I'll be out tomorrow barring any lightning storms. Should be over by late evening, so I'll be in the water.
  15. Flies