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  1. My friend and I caught a 30lb and a 33lb yesterday In the marshfield area. Bigger ones are definitely starting to show up.
  2. Every time Marty posts something I want to stab myself in the eyes with hooks
  3. Take a $50 spinning reel and have it get dunked and reeled under water every day for a couple years and let me know if it still works.
  4. Thank you Tim S and SOL
  5. “Downeaster Alexa” by Billy Joel. If you toss this on at 3 am on your way out on the boat to fish and don’t get a little bit of a chub idk what to tell you.
  6. I have used them and I am not a fan at all. I had the same experience as you where the tail didn’t paddle unless I was reeling in extremely fast.
  7. I’m in thanks
  8. Every time I read one of glos or frazers comments I wanna roast them but I know billy will come through with something good.
  9. I release about 95% of legal fish but do take a few once in a while for dinner
  10. I’d need to see some pictures
  11. Looking to buy a Van Staal 250 x series in silver. The newer the better. I’m located in MA and would rather pick it up from you than have it delivered. Thanks
  12. The whole point of the spiral rod is the reduced strain on your wrist, and using a harness puts no strain on your wrist anyway so your argument doesn’t really say much. However, cool vid and nice pics.