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  1. it's great to hear this. the question remains why the hell is the federal government not seeing these fish? this is the problem. they set the regs and when you have government scientists saying there are no cod left, but fisherman, both comm and rec alike saying otherwise, that is frustrating. NMFS is waaaaaaaay too political.
  2. Dogfish anyone????? a perfect example
  3. you have to wonder if it would ever happen even if all fishing stopped. Many fish like herring and others are imprinted with places where they go to spawn. So even if the population suddenly surged, i wonder if cod would spread out all over again based on all being spawned in the same few locations. But a few people saying that there are 'tons' of cod is not indicative of a healthy population.
  4. no, you stated the pictures contained deadly snakes. I made a similar connection myself. I think your wording was rather ambiguous and easily misinterpreted. And if you were being ambiguous on purpose to "trap people in their bias" that's pretty lame
  5. it was 80 yesterday in Framingham? I don't know if it broke 60 in Harwich. Fog and clouds all day
  6. the local cops and EPO busted a pretty substantial elver operation in Harwich about 3 years ago.
  7. passed a truck towing a boat on the highway yesterday. As we approached it looked like it had been sitting in the woods for awhile. Then we got closer and i realized it was ink from Squid fishing. gonna take days to clean that thing off! it was covered both inside and out!
  8. nice Rob. Hope the steamers came out better than the Celtics!
  9. anyone may purchase a Sandy Neck ORV sticker. In fact, it has gotten way busier over the years with the closure of other beaches. Sandy Neck tends to stay open for most of the season, unlike others who close just as the summer is getting started and don't open until August or later...
  10. thats a great episode
  11. Sorry to hear this news. Ray was a good guy and always enjoyed running into him along the banks of the canal. He was a good fisherman. He seemed to catch many days when others were not. Prayers to the Arra family in this time of sorrow.
  12. thats crazy...must have been loaded for them to still be fishing. how has the price held up?
  13. wow still getting them? where from Rob?
  14. I thought the same thing Bob. I think Canada runs it's lobster season in the winter? Maybe trying to clear out the existing product...
  15. Good God what are they paying at the dock? these guys have been waiting all winter and then get shut out for the first half of May due to whales. Go buy some lobsters from the fisherman at the dock and support a local family...