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  1. love "breaking news" as it morphs and changes every hour...
  2. i think the ACOE finally understands it needs to work with local officials to coordinate these fixes. front page story on the CCTimes
  3. the presence of so many juvenile white sharks gives me pause when thinking about the usual water sports around the cape including surfing, paddle boarding, tubing, hell even swimming. I know the chances are so slim, but man when you think about the violence those animals can bring and the fact that these young sharks are just trying to figure out what is going on in their world, it can be a little daunting. I have been swimming out in the bay this year, and the kids were jumping off the boat off Brewster a few weeks back. I won't lie when i say it is firmly in the front of my brain at most times during these activities. Even fishing at night and wading... I guess the greater point is just to remember that once we enter the water, we are no longer at the top of the food chain.
  4. first time i've heard of this knot. i searched it on youtube and it looks amazingly easy to tie. the video did stress pulling each end of the leader and braid tight at the end to ensure the knot seats properly. i'll definetly be trying this one...
  5. saw a video report from PowderHorn yesterday. The woman called the canal a "guarantee" to catch stripers.
  6. just read more accounts of windows smashed in a vehicle parked for fishing; gear stolen in another incident....gets better every day!
  7. a reliable source told me a gun was pulled early this morning down there....and another instance of a knife being brandished against someone in careful out there guys. a few fish aren't worth injury or worse...
  8. hope none of you guys are out on the water this morning. hell of storms passing through the area. outer cape is getting pounded. 3 houses on fire due to lightening strikes and wire down across route 6. roads flooded out all over safe
  9. I only mentioned the magazine, not your writings specifically. From my perspective, writings in a book are much different than online. Here people worry about up to the minute info burning a spot to the point where no one can fish in peace. The magazine for years was put through the ringer on this site because of just such things, but that information is very general. I have no problem with a book mentioning spots on the canal because there are no new spots. The up to the minute burns however are a problem, but outside of this site, there is no policing that or putting the genie back in the bottle.
  10. Carl, not for nothing but wasn't it the magazine that you wrote for that published many articles with specific spots and pole numbers years ago. I seem to remember a map with red x's all over it indicating good spots. I've read books from the 70s that mentioned places like Tiny Jims and Pips Rip. Are we now going off the internet to call people spot burners, when that precedent was set many many years ago?
  11. my brother lives over there...this might be the year i finally take my shot
  12. we hashed something similar to this out years ago concerning shellfish. More specifically, bay scallops. There were a few guys who would take their commercial bag of 5 bushels + their recreational bag of 1 bushel on the same day, usually a saturday. It got contentious and finally it was put in writing that if you were acting commercially on any day you forfeit the right to take your rec limit for that day.
  13. keep telling yourself it wasn't a great white....but they're out there!
  14. fished that area about 10 days ago and all it took was 3 snaps on the wire and we were hooked up, doubles every time. this went on for about a half hour before we moved. it was fun but very tiring, and the fish were small. we tried vertical jigging over them but no luck...