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  1. Just wondering what everyone's favorite website is to buy flies?
  2. I lived in SW FL for 8 years and the above post is exactly what I would suggest......
  3. You should take a look at the fully sealed, CNC machined aluminum Piscifun Platte Drag Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reel $150 at Amazon.....
  4. You should try for peacock bass in the canals!
  5. God bless Mary! Thanks for the opportunity!
  6. Nice Striper!
  7. A friend and I spent the morning chasing trout in Sequoia National Park up the middle fork of the Kaweah River but we couldn't even see one trout. After about 2 hours with no luck we had to the location of my last success and work the river for another hour or two. We had sightings of trout but no takers which was frustrating. Around noon my friend Justin throws in the towel and heads back to his place to grab some lunch but I tell him in gonna stick it out another hour and boy am I glad I did.... As I'm working my panther martin in front of some huge river boulders a rainbow comes up off the bottom from underneath the rocks and absolutely slams my lure, it hit so hard it almost pulled my rod out of my hands. As I'm fighting the fish and river current the fish jumped 3 or 4 times and I hoped my hook set would stay put and lucky it did... I didn't measure the fish but it was bigger than the one the other day so my guess is it is around 14 inches.....
  8. Oh yeah she swam away so I could catch her again some day!
  9. West side of the Sierra's in Three Rivers just outside Sequoia National Park
  10. A friend and I spent the morning chasing trout in the Kaweah River today. We hit a few deep pools in Sequoia National Park but ended up skunked. At our last stop I finally got a trout to hit my panther martin. It was a nice 12 inch rainbow and the first one I've caught in 25 years..... I'll be hitting these local spots again soon
  11. I was hoping to go in April which according to both posts above isn't exactly the best time of year..... Maybe I'll wait until the fall to increase my chances of landing a yellowtail
  12. I'm really hoping to cross yt off my fishing life list and was wondering what time of year is best to target socal yellowtail? I'm also looking for recommendations on headboats out of areas like Long Beach through San Diego.....
  13. TTT
  14. For a cheapest option check out the LL Bean travel rods, there are 3 different weights and ratings..... Or spend over $200 and get a St Croix Tidemaster travel rod
  15. What's the proper way to store multi piece fishing rods?Is it bad to store it put together?Is there any special maintenance that should be done to the furrells before storing the rods? Thanks for any infoPj