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  1. Yea honestly was in the same boat. Never noticed them until at least mid April . But upon further research after seeing a couple the great Cormorant that winters in Maine are either from more northern climates or there are a small number of birds that stay here year round. Can’t tell ya what they were feeding on looked like chub from afar but hard telling.
  2. Awesome! Thank you Tim s. And SOL!!
  3. Closed keeping it!
  4. That’s what I thought......never spent too much time in that area. Had to look it up.... great Cormorants are here year much smaller numbers. It’s the double breasted cormorant that shows up in a couple months in much larger numbers. Either way they were fishing!
  5. Was there at the commercial dock yesterday. Work right there at said restaurant saw the falcon cruising most of the morning. On another note the commorants were feeding pretty hard too....come on spring!
  6. One price drop....225 shipped. Or equal trades open to offers
  7. Wanted to say thank you for this. Very informative and objective. I’m certainly not a nube to fishing, but understanding reel design I certainly am. This has made my decision making process maybe no easier but definitely more informed. Thanks again.
  8. A few of my favorites look like foreign worlds.... About pine pt...sure hope so the dredging the few years back made the channel hard to fish IMO.....maybe make that beach that rhymes with dairy relevant again. Either way I’m excited to get after it. The amount of surf clams dead is crazy.
  9. I was under the impression northbar sporting woods were no longer being produced.....did hear rumors of a smaller version of the plastic northbar bottle that’s peaked my interest.
  10. Hi-tide reel works. Ocean gate, Jersey. 250 shipped.
  11. Picked up this 704z this winter.....tricked out. Drilled,powder coat,ht 100 washers,bailess,power knob. Never been fished,or spooled. Eyes were bigger than my stomach, I’m afraid this won’t get used. Looking for a Penn slammer 3 4500 in like new condition, or a Saragosa 5000/6000 similar. Thanks
  12. True. I’ve been doing my research tube......through other fishermen....I tend not to be loyal to one’s definitely all about application. A lot of times it seems to be apples to apples. Really just love the conversation and comradery this site provides. I’m sure I’ll buy one reel now love it fish it and buy the other next time.....
  13. I will take both of these