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  1. Catch fish have fun. Protect the resource. Happiness.
  2. Thank goodness for log books and new moons! Spectacular fishing last night way up an estuary. Fish for the last two hours of incoming.....and two hours after outgoing once all the debris cleared went off!!!!....,.,watching 30 inch bass just hang in the rips gulping bait.....they cooperated very well on anything up top! Well worth the sleep deprivation!
  3. I live in Portland and work in Wells. Down for some night fishing. The whole area is pretty fishy right now
  4. That I understand. 145 is a fair price, with no box or paper sl is 130 too much of a kick? Thank you
  5. Also appreciate it but I’m specifically looking for the 5000.
  6. Perfect. Just what I’m looking for. Interested in trades? I have a stash of ccw plugs and rm smith I’d love to trade.....all new wide varieties.
  7. Appreciate the offer I have that reel, love it.Really looking for an fj
  8. Awesome thank you!
  9. Looking for a Shimano stradic fj 5000 size in great shape. Got a good stash of plugs to trade as well.
  10. Fished a river for a full tide today.......lots and lots of em the whole way.......even found em up beach after the mouth became over populated. Few “slot” fish mixed in but mostly teens. Good fun.
  11. Pretty much the same I’ll go down the beach or up river.....some of the best nights happen when I leave others!
  12. Sometimes if bait is scarce or prices are high been known to slice em up and hook them in.....sometimes they get eaten......usually in winter.....not greasy enough tho.....
  13. Yea that’s definitely a sculpin/ Irish lord........get em in lobster pots regular. The lobsters don’t even eat em.....
  14. Wells I’ll be fishing Sunday night.....if restaurant life doesn’t kill me first
  15. Offer retracted.....gotta control my spending habits....that striper sniper is fishy af tho.